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Thread: Selling Modded PS2 Slim

  1. Selling Modded PS2 Slim

    It's in excellent condition. It has a Crystal Chip that was installed by a pro. It was installed without breaking the seal. It comes with one memory card with the boot software already on it. It's hooked up for -R and +R but not RW. The installer told me the RW wire will burn out the laser faster. I still have the box.
    I've never had a problem playing any game that I've tried.

    Reasaonable offers only please

  2. what's considered reasonable?

  3. Not $50 that somebody offered me

  4. I understand that, I just have no idea how much Jp PS2s cost, or how much cashola goes into modding a system. What would you consider fair? That way I don't make an insulting offer due to my ignorance.

  5. I know new modded ones go for 250 with the shipping included. Would $150-$175 be good?

  6. i just got a "gently" used one for $185 shipped myself.

  7. Smile

    I have a brand new PS2 Slim (version 14) that was bought 4 days ago and modded professionally by me. I got a BS in EET and I have been doing this for over 3 years. Anyways, the PS2 has the Matrix Infinity MODCHIP installed (top of the line chip) Comes with 1 controller and hook up cables still wrapped. I am going to include some pics of my installs. I am asking $260 shipped anywhere in the USA, I will also include 5 games fo your choice. Just let me know the titles and I will include them.

    I know you guys think I have 0 posts, but I can provide feedbacks from various forums, that show I am an established individual with many costumers. If still in doubt, I will give a couple links to threads that belong to me and I will post a message to prove that indead that thread belongs to me/

    BTW, Im located in Chicago, so if someone wants to buy it locally, they are more then happy to come by and pick up from my home. Cell # 773-370-2358

  8. The Price has dropped to $240

  9. $200 shipped.

  10. I'll take 5 new full priced PS2 releases, non pirated, thanks


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