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Thread: More Metroid Prime 3 details.

  1. More Metroid Prime 3 details.

    Metroid Prime 3 Details Emerge

    Will complete a trilogy, stay in first-person and make use of the Revolution controller. More inside.

    by Matt Casamassina

    November 23, 2005 - Nintendo showcased a brief glimpse of Metroid Prime 3, the next installment in the popular franchise, during last May's Electronics Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. But the company's quick video of the game revealed next to nothing and it has remained silent on the subject ever since.

    But some news on the anticipated Revolution-bound sequel is finally starting to hit. Nintendo's official Metroid series site, Luminoth Temple, recently conducted an interview with MP3 developer Retro Studios. Although details on the game were still scarce, some interesting factoids were nevertheless confirmed.
    Retro acknowledged that Metroid Prime 3 would bring the trilogy to an end. "The plot of Prime 3 is about closure, told against the backdrop of an epic struggle," Retro revealed.

    Once more, Samus Aran's adventure will take place in first-person mode. "We don't plan on using a third-person camera for the times when Samus is in a suit," the company confirmed.

    The mysterious material Phazon will again play an integral role in the adventure. Aran will this time battle Metroid enemies and other, completely new threats, according to the studio.

    The game will be enhanced by way of Nintendo's new controller for Revolution. "We plan on taking advantage of a number of new features in the Revolution, including the controller," the developer said.

    Although Nintendo has downplayed the raw processing power of Revolution, saying that it has designed the console to be small, quiet and affordable, Retro seems confident that it will be able to take the franchise to new visual heights. "The 'engine' [we developed] underwent drastic improvements between Metroid Prime 1 and 2, and will see even more between 2 and 3," the company stated. "Our engineers are a very talented and dedicated bunch, and they're constantly looking for ways to make our games run smoother with more detail."

    Music production on the game has yet to begin, but Retro confirmed that famed composer Kenji Yamamoto, responsible for the moody music in the first two games, will be returning for Prime 3. "We hope to take the music into some new directions for this title, and there's no doubt Mr. Yamamoto is going to relish the challenge," it said.

    And finally, good news for fans of Andrew Jones, the talented Retro Studios artist who created some of the compelling concept art that helped define the game's style and ambience. Though recent rumors suggest he left the company, Retro confirmed that he is, in fact, lending his talents to the new project.

    Metroid Prime 3 is set for to hit Revolution sometime in 2006. Stay tuned for more as it develops.
    All good news. Let's hope it stays slated for '06.

    Also, maybe this is just a nit, but will "Metroid enemies" perhaps mean we'll see even bigger baddies like say, a zeta or beta or two?
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  2. some of the info in this makes me very excited for the title

    I think everyone knew long ago this was going to close off the story line started in prime, I could have sworn retro even said that ages ago but anyway

    though I hope that after they finish this nintendo lets them have at their own series, I can only imagine how a game like Geist would have come out if retro had their hands on it (not that geist is horrible but it could have been much more)
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  3. Yeah, the bits about "Ah don't worry, we have great artists" and that it ends a trilogy aren't really new. But it's nice to know Yamamoto is still on board and again that the '06 release is still being aimed for. Cool that Andrew Jones is contributing still too.

  4. This news is from 2 weeks ago

  5. Yeah but was it posted? Sorry to disappoint ya, man.

  6. Better be a lot better than MP2.
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  7. Shame on me, I still haven't even played MP2 beyond the demo. So many other games to complete. And I still have an 86% in MP1.

    But it's now $19 at Walmart so I have no excuse now.
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  8. If they redo Metroid Prime 1 and 2 to use the Revolution controller, I'm in. If not, forget it. I tried to enjoy the Metroid Prime, but just couldn't take to the controls so never beat it.


  9. Holy shit, Metroid Prime 2 is $19 now? Makes me kinda wish I didn't buy the Batman Begins deluxe edition.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by James
    If they redo Metroid Prime 1 and 2 to use the Revolution controller, I'm in. If not, forget it. I tried to enjoy the Metroid Prime, but just couldn't take to the controls so never beat it.

    The Revolution demo used a modified Echoes where you looked around simply by moving the remote and moving with the analog "nunchuk." Whether that will be an improvement or if you can free-look while running remains to be seen of course. I personally didn't mind locking on in Prime since IMHO it didn't feel much different from using the R&L trigger in Super Metroid.

    Anyways, I think I will use a player's guide to find the last handful of items in Prime and then pick up Echoes in a few weeks.


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