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Thread: Megaman Maverick Hunter X Official

  1. Megaman Maverick Hunter X Official

    The new trailer looks excellent. The game's updated visuals have shaped up nicely and you can play as Vile, killing enemies using his shoulder cannon. Sweet. Oh, and gasp Dr. Light actually sounds like a respectable scientist this time and not like Elmer Fudd.

    "My name is Dr. Thomas Light. I invented Megaman X."

    Hunter X Trailer (12/05/2005):

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  2. Eh... it's totally lacking the charm of the original.

  3. Of course, 2D sprites are always better. But it still looks fun.

  4. Nah, I think 3D can be every bit as charming as 2D (imagine Katamari Damacy with sprites... eww). The problem is that these are completely lifeless. It looks like a very well-done fan project.

  5. I was in the same boat as you until I saw the trailer. Otherwise I'm anticipating Megaman Powered Up/Rockman Rockman more, its 3D is arguably better if not more "colorful."

  6. But can he duck?
    Quote Originally Posted by sethsez
    (imagine Katamari Damacy with sprites... eww)
    That could be pretty awesome, especially if they did it in a Rakugaki Showtime/Parappa kind of way where they played up the sprites as paper in a 3D environment.

  7. Holy poop! That's hot!
    Consider me interested. Did you watch the video, sethsez?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Dylan1CC
    and you can play as Vile, killing enemies using his shoulder cannon. Sweet.

    UNGA WONGA...GAAHHHHhaaaa...whaaaa!? Playable...Vile?!?

    I've always wanted, but knew I'd never get, a game with a playable Vile. But now...I have one. I mean, I wanted him to have his very own game, but even this is awesome. Wow. Just, wow.

    Thank you, Capcom. The trailer looks pretty decent, btw.
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  9. The question is how much are they going to charge for it?

    Cause I'm sure as hell not paying $50 for MMX1 only. Especially with that collection due out soon.
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  10. ^^^

    Ouch. Truth. And considering they will probably do this for every X and Rockman game, double ouch.


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