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Thread: Megaman Maverick Hunter X Official

  1. I liked X mode better just because it was clear the game was designed around him - some parts were way too easy with Vile's weapons, and there were alot of jams they had to toss random riding mechs into to make them doable. I also missed being able to dash around.

    And I kinda thought Vile having like 200 weapons, but only able to equip 3 was a bit awkward.

    But it did grow on me once I got the speed upgrade. Not sure if I'll go through Vile on hard, but maybe.

  2. I liked Vile for the 200 weapons. I don't think i'll ever use them all, but it was neat. A lot of it was just kind of silly extending the old game, but there was just something neat about playing as Vile. I just wish there was more. X from 199X just seems like half a game.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Grave
    No, you're right. DC2 is one of the most fun games I've ever played. Which is amazing, because I hated the first and the third didn't do anything for me. A remake of DC2 would be the best idea ever. Blowing raptors away with the anti-tank gun = joy.
    I concur.

  4. Haven't touched Vile mode much since I bought Powered Up. I like it so far but the weapon swap system takes some getting used to of course. Also, does Vile have any kind of dash?

  5. I'm pretty sure Vile can't dash, which I found kind of annoying because to me dashing around like a lunatic threading through shots is the whole point of this game.

    But he does get a speed upgrade, that lets him jump further.

  6. ^^^^

    Thanks for the info.

  7. Just polished off X's hard mode. Wasn't too bad - there are more enemies, they're more aggressive, but really this game comes down to memorizing location so it isn't much more difficult when you get down to it. The bosses are tough at the beginning though, since you can only survive one hit until you get the chest plate or a bunch of heart containers. Final Sigma was pretty tough to take down as well.

    I cracked and checked gamefaqs to figure out how to get the Hadouken - man, what's up with that? Who the heck would ever figure that out? I never would have got it on my own. It''s kinda disappointing the voice actor put more effort into yelling "homing torpedo!!" than he did Ryu's classic energy-wave-fist yell, but you can't knock the move. It creams everything.

    Thing I just noticed about this game #7824: The bosses have different dialogue on hard.

    Thing I just noticed about this game #7825: If you collect the head part first, the rocks that fall on Sting Chameleon's stage crack open upon hitting your helmet Mario style and can't hurt you.

    Thing I just noticed about this game #7826: Hey, after finishing it on hard the white piping on the picture of X on the title screen turned black. He all baddass now. Sorta.

    Anyway, I'll probably pick this up again sometime between now and when X2 comes out and finish off Vile on hard. I shudder to think how difficult the beginning will be though, he's fragile enough on normal before getting the ice armor. Never managed to get Zero's cannon ; I'm not sure it's worth playing through the whole game again as X just to check that out, but it gives me an excuse if I ever want to.

    One last thing - did anyone ever verify the rumour that sharing the Powered Up demo with another PSP unlocked a second stage for it?

  8. I should be picking up a Ceramic PSP soon, so I'll be all over this soon enough. How hard is hard mode even if you're a licensed MMX veteran? Can't be all that hard...

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