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Thread: Megaman Maverick Hunter X Official

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Dylan1CC

    edit: Make sure you dig around the site, there are three new trailers including new footage of Vile in action and almost an entire animated cut scene featuring (drool) Sigma, Zero, X and Penguin fighting a construction maverick 'bot gone crazy and X remembering back to when he was being pieced together by Dr. Light.
    Why don't you just tell us where it is.

    Found it, looks hot hot hot.

  2. Sorry, kinda hard to describe where it is. Glad u found it. Hot indeed.

  3. yeah. that was pretty fukking cool.

  4. Much better than most PSX Megaman cinemas. I heard Dr. Light's U.S. voice on another site and it sounded very well done, now we just need to pray X doesn't sound like a girl. 'Course, that was Megaman 8, not X but still...

  5. x4 was the only case of x with a girly voice. i don't think we'll ever have to worry about it ever again. they should get the same guy/people that did the voices for command mission and x8. they're wonderful.

    seeing those animated cinemas made me wanna see some kind of megaman x anime or something. but...maybe it wouldn't be such a good idea.

  6. FWIW:

    Gamespot: 8.1 "Great" 7.5 (same wonky score tilt as EGM mind you)

    IGN: 8.0

    General consensus: sounds like it's a solid remake overall with excellent presentation (the anime cut scenes total 24 minutes and "provide nice backstory"). IGN's closing comments though mentioned there is a bit of slowdown "when things get crazy." Playing as Vile adds a lot of replay not to mention nice layer of extra difficulty to the game (which is good since he has a lot of extra firepower). One sorta neat extra is it comes with a demo of Megaman Powered Up, the demo can even be sent to a fellow PSP owner using gamesharing mode. Anyways, this will be a definite purchase right after I finish Tokobot.
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  7. Man, MMX really makes we mant a PSP.

    And playable Vile is just one step closer to Vile finally getting his own game, something I never thought could happen in a million years.

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  8. I REALLY want this game but I dont want it to update my PSP so I lose all my rom playing abilities.
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  9. Fanjita has made a beta that can load on 2.6, not everything works, but damn near it.

    I'm REALLY close to biting the bullet.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Chux
    Fanjita has made a beta that can load on 2.6, not everything works, but damn near it.

    I'm REALLY close to biting the bullet.
    I thought you said fajita for a second there.

    This looks like a reasonably well done update since all the stuff still looks recognizable but with a bit more "pop". I'd rather they do this on a console with cel shading but chalk it up to another possible reason to own a PSP when it hits $4.


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