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    Here are some random items up for sale.

    Please use this thread directly or PM to ask any questions or lay claim to any item.
    Shipping prices will be determined after confirmation of items being purchased.
    I can provide pictures of the actual items for sale if asked.

    Almost forgot to mention PayPal payment is prefered, but I'll accept Monet Order, or personal check if you can wait for it to clear.

    I am not able to access TNL from my regular internet account, so there may be a day or two delay before I can respond.

    Thanks for looking!

    Game Gear Jpn. Cart only:
    *-All in Good to Very Good condition (labels intact, no peeling, etc. only typical slight scratching on cart casing as seen in a glare when held to the light at an angle)
    Head Buster - $4.00 (? Strategy, puzzle game, -simplified Herzog Zwei/Command & Conquer style deployment tactics)
    Pengo - $4.00 (Arcade single screen puzzle game - push ice blocks to thwart enemies)
    Shanghai II - $3.00 (Classic tile-matching puzzle game)
    Axe Battler ~ A legend of Golden Axe ~ - $2.00 (overhead Action/RPG)

    -cart only - these would only play with some re-inserting and blowing (labels in good condition)
    SD Gundam Winners History 95 - $3.00 (grid based military strategy) (black cart case is sun faded - label looks fine)
    JLeague Soccer Dream Eleven [1995] - $1.00 (Sega GG Soccer) [I can't get to work, again]

    PC Engine Hu Card
    Bloody Wolf - $22.00 [Very Good cond. - all clean and orig. Sponge and card sleeve included. Case spine sun faded. Instruction has slight fold near spine, couple other light bends]
    Dungeon Explorer - $4.00 [No instructions or card-sleeve. HuCard and original Hudson Vol.15 (HC 63015) jewel case in good condition.]

    PCE CD-Rom
    Gradius II Gofer - $30 [Disc is mint, Case and Instructions in Very Good Cond]
    Ys Book I & II - $10 [Disc is near-mint, Inst. are good cond. w/ slight bends. Case OK.]
    F1 Circus Special Pole to Win - $4.00 [Good condition, disc has a couple very light hairline scratches from the center to the outside - does not affect playing. CD spindle holder is pressed-in. Instructions are fine]
    Golden Axe - $3.00 [Disc is near-mint, Instructions are Good cond. w/ slight bends. Original jewel case backing is missing]

    FX-Pad - $25.00 [brand new boxed standard 6-button pad]

    Tenchi no Kurau (Warriors of Fate - Capcom RPG) - $15.00 [Cart only, plus 207pg. full color official guide book. Very Good Condition]

    Mega Drive
    Same! Same! Same! (Fire Shark) -$25.00 [Good-Very good cond. Cart label has smaller than 1/8 in. peel on back corner. Instructions are very good cond.]

    Super Famicom
    Yossy Island (Yoshi) - $10.00 [No orig. instruction. Includes photocopied sheet of Jpn instructions. Cart near mint. Box slightly crushed on one side + bottom corner]
    Wild Trax (Stunt Race FX) - $8.00 [cart + inst. in Very Good cond., box in Good condition with 2 small price stickers and slight wear at corners)
    Super Metroid - $8.00 [cart only, good condition](note: Main options allow text to be switched to English)
    {Act Raiser -$8.00 [complete - (must locate and verify condition)]}

    Super Nintendo
    Star Fox - $3.00 [cart only, good cond.]

    Saturn Jpn.
    Panzer Dragoon - $8.00 [Mint-Very Good cond. No Spine Card, Poster is Mint]

    Playstation Jpn.
    Namco Museum Vol.4 - $35.00 [Mint + complete]

    Playstation domestic
    Lunar Eternal Blue hardbound Starter Guide - $15.00 [No game included. Very Good condition. This is the deluxe 120 page instruction manual and walkthrough for the first part of the game - also contains a bunch of mini interviews and artwork.]
    Kiss Pinball - $3.00 [mint, like new]

    PS2 domestic
    Futurama - $32.00 [new, unopened]
    Space Channel 5 Special Edition - $15.00 [New unopened]
    Space Channel 5 Special Edition - $10.00 [Very good/mint]
    Devil May Cry - $6.00 [New, unopened]
    XIII (Thirteen) - $5.00 [New, unopened]

    Apple IIe
    Analogue Joystick {A2M2002} - $4.00 [worked fine, good condition, little dirty, metal parts show tarnish]

    OSTs {product # in brackets to help identification}
    Winbee No Neo Cinema Club 2 ~ Paradise Hen ~ {KICA 7642} - $30.00 (superb arranged remixes of Twinbee, Madara 2, Exciting Soccer, Castlevania Legends, Gradius 2, Tsukikaze Maiden, XEXEX, Snatcher, Lover Warrior Nicole, and Gradius.) [Very good/mint condition]
    Parodius da! ~ Shinwa Kara Owarai e ~ {KICA 1011} - $25.00 [Good/Very good condition. Disc is Mint/Near-mint. Includes original Painted jewel case.]
    Virtua Fighter, B-Univ {TYCY-5386} - $25.00 [Near mint, includes spine card]
    Last Bronx Tokyo-Bangaichi Sound Tracks vs Club Remix {PCCG-95001} - $22.00 [Near-mint, includes unpeeled "REDRUM" sticker]
    Comix Zone (US release) {LaserLight 12-815} - $15.00 [Very good condition]
    Guitar Freaks 7th Mix & drummania 6th Mix Soundtracks {KA-025} - $12.00 [Near mint]

    other CDs
    avex The Album {AVCD-11682} - $8.00 [mint/like new] (10th Anniv. Winter compilation, 11 tracks)
    Space Invaders Project {TOCT-25124} - $8.00 [mint/near mint] (compilation tribute remix CD, 14 tracks + omake)
    The Cardigans, Gran Turismo {314 559 081-2} - $6.00 [Very good cond.]

    Guide Books Jpn.
    Landstalker Encyclopedia, The Treasure of King Nole - $40.00 (Shogakukan 1992 - 130pgs all color) [Good (B-) Condition, Two pages (13&33) have folds at the lower corner, a couple (2 or 3) pages have evidence of food crumbs (like one miniscule spot each), all other pages are very good to mint. The fold-out Mercator Island map and Monster Data list is in very good condition. The outer jacket is ruffled along the lower edge just a little bit, and has a small splotch (1cm X 1cm) of residue from a price tag. The gold foil text on the cover and spine is intact. The "I" in King Nole is starting to rub off on the spine text of this book. Though slightly scratched, the rest is still shiny and gold. A real treasure for Landstalker fans.]
    Lady Stalker Deathland Official Guide Book - $25.00 (ASCii 1995 - 128 pgs color, 129-144 B+W) [Missing outer dust jacket. Very good condition. Cover and first dozen pages have partial bend 3/4 inches in from spine. One of the cooler guides I've seen!]
    Shining Force Encyclopedia, The Legacy of Great Intention - $25.00 (Shogakukan 1992 - 120 pgs color, 121-152 B+W) [Very good condition]
    Sin and Punishment, Complete Guide of - $25.00 (Dengeki 2000 - 112 pgs color) [Mint cond.]
    Dragon Quest IV - Jump Comics Selection - $25.00 (1990 - 152 pgs color) [Very Good/Mint condition. Another one of the coolest guides I've ever seen. Very colorful guide with comic renditions throughout - lots of maps and charts as well. Data File sections have been opened.]
    Guardian Heroes Official Guide - $22.00 (Futabasha 1996 - 128 color) [Very good/Mint cond. Concise level/path breakdown. Screenshots and moves list for every character in the game.]
    Panzer Dragoon Zwei Official Guide, Die Welt von - $18.00 (ASCii 1996 - 128 pgs color and B+W) [Very good cond. B+W pages toward end of book show some yellowing]
    Brave Fencer Musashiden - $15.00 (ASCii 368 pgs color) [like New]
    Einhander Official Guide - $15.00 (ASCii 1997 - 112 pgs color) [like New]
    Tobal 2 The Perfect - $15.00 (V-Jump 1997 - 136+ pgs) [Mint/Very Good cond. Slight damage to top of dust jacket at spine, otherwise Like New. Two secret Data File sections at end of book are intact and have not yet been cut open.]
    X-Men vs. Street Fighter Official Guide - $15.00 (ASCii 1997 - 174 color) [Very Good/Mint - inside of dust jacket is cool moves list poster.]
    Yossi Island Official Guide - $15.00 (ASCii 1995 - 160+ pgs color) [Good Condition. 1/4 inch long puncture in dust jacket at spine. Interior pages in Very Good condition. As typical for ASCii published guides; the maps are very well done, and the last few pages include some great bonus stuff like quiche recipes, crossword puzzles, and comics. Includes original correction sheet for misprint on page 39.]
    Act Raiser Challenge Book - $10.00 (Enix 1990 - 64 pgs color) [Good condition. Missing dust jacket. Small book, but lots of good color maps and screen-shots.]
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