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Thread: $75+ for a players guide...

  1. $75+ for a players guide...

  2. SoTN is a very rare game, and the guide is rare as well. However, I wouldn't pay $75 for the guide when I have INTERNET at my fingertips.

  3. I think i have a FEW of those guides at home. $$

  4. Yeah... anyone paying that much for a guide is a dipshit.
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  5. That guide had better have some very fucking good artwork in it. I'd rather view the scans online of course.

    The game isn't as rare as you may think, all the pawn shops I pass by happen to go $12-$25.
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  6. I'm at work, so I can't access that website. I do have Prima's guide for that game. Nothing special about the guide, in fact it's in black and white.

  7. I have that guide. It's shit... I should probably sell it on ebay.

    The only reason I have it is I got a used copy at VGD for $2. Hello profit!!!!
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  8. Damn -- I got this for free with my copy of SoTN.

  9. I sold my Disgaea guide on EBAY for $51. Dude also payed for express shipping and full insurence. Came to something like $80 when it was all said and done.
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