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Thread: 360 wireless adapter question

  1. 360 wireless adapter question

    Ok, I bought the wireless adapter. Snapped it on -- no problem. Miraculously, I even managed (I think) to connect it to my wireless network. But, on the "test xbox live connection" screen under "IP address" it says that it failed to negotiate a lease with my DHCP server. Troubleshooting options are all fucking Greek to me. I know this much -- my netgear wireless router is xbox live compatible (my regular xbox is hooked up to it, albeit with a direct cable link); it is apparently able to assign IP addresses since it did so for the wireless laptop I'm currently using. So, what the hell do I do -- and I need it spelled out for me in baby talk. FUCK DO I HATE THIS SHIT.

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  2. Try giving it a static ip address ( or something) on the router and configure your xbox to use that specific address, and then you'll probably have to forward the ports live uses. After that it should be able to connect fine.

  3. Sounds great. But, when you get a chance, please explain how I do all that. Thanks.
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  4. I would, but I hook my xbox up directly to the broadband modem

    Basically, try using a fixed address instead of relying on dhcp to obtain one and shit should be golden. It should be pretty straightforward with tutorials.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Prince Planet
    Sounds great. But, when you get a chance, please explain how I do all that. Thanks.
    Cant help with the XBox part but for help forwarding your ports go to


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