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Thread: Gunstar Super Heroes $19.99 @ Target until Dec 19th

  1. Gunstar Super Heroes $19.99 @ Target until Dec 19th

    From superhitachi in our shmups OT board:

    Quote Originally Posted by superhitachi4
    Hey, just letting you guys know that Gunstar Super Heroes is $19.99 at Target until December 19th. I was holiday shopping, and happened to be in Target (of course I casually wandered toward electronics like I normally do ), and there was a tiny ticket inside the GBA display case in front of Gunstar Super Heroes which stated it was on sale until Dec 19th. It must be an unadvertised special or something, as it was just a coincidence that I saw it. Anyway, I picked up my copy (there were only 2 left), and I'm enjoying it.

  2. Dude, thanks a million. I lost my Gunstar at the security check-in during a mad rush to make my plane in Orlando, and need to get a replacement. This will do nicely.

  3. ^^^^

    Awesome. Glad to be of help, Kev!

    I already own the game of course, thought this would be nice though for fence sitters too.

    edit: And don't forget folks, as of now, there is only about 22 1/2 hours left (central time) to get in on this deal.
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