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Thread: Daxter for PSP

  1. Daxter for PSP

    I have been keeping my eye out for more news on this since July. Looks nice so far, plenty of action and very colorful visuals. It's being made by a Naughty Dawg spin-off dev team called Ready at Dawn which consists of at least one Naughty Dawg member and some former Blizzard folks. The first trailer was nice but this shows off a ton of new gameplay including Daxter riding a dragonfly over a meadow/lake, fighting bugs with a swatter, a giant "crab" boss, and a look at a MIB themed fight in "fantasy mode" (you can play mini game fights of Daxter's fantasies as he dreams)

    Basically like a Jak game but since Daxter is an animal he can crawl walls, ect. for stealth moves. Also has a can of "bug spray" which will double as a hover/jet pack. Sure, it won't be "innovative" but it looks like it'll be a great platformer to take on the go. Currently slated for March '06.

    edit: Also of note is that the Ready At Dawn team say in the 1up interview that the levels will be long but they are adding "more continue points" for player's convenience to accommodate the fact it's portable.

    Trailer #2 and #1:

    Interview with the dev team:

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  2. Fuck; the last thing I need right now is another reason to buy a PSP.

    I <3 me some Jak and Daxter; and since this isn't some stupid racing game I'm likely to be all over it.

  3. Crazy thing is I haven't played the Jak games yet and this game has completely sparked my interest in the series!

  4. The first one was a marvel for it's time and the 2nd/3rd are fucking solid in all departments.

    If you haven't played them yet, do yourself a favor and hop on it.

  5. Yeah, I could definitely use a new 3rd person platformer, I think I will pick up the greatest hits of the first game in a week or so when I have more $. Do you get to play as Daxter at all in the PS2 games?
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  6. I still like the first one best. The second forgot that it had a color pallet other than blue & gray, and the third is set in the desert, the only fucking thing more boring than a blue & gray city.

  7. I've been steering clear of 2 and 3 just due to how boring every screen's environment looked. The first game is pretty fun, even now.
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  8. Jak 2 was horrible and I haven't bothered with 3, as it looks like J2 but with more stuff.

    Jak 1, however, is a masterpiece. Get Jak 1, skip Jak 2 and get Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando instead.

  9. Thanks for the input and recommendations, guys. Think I will pick up Jak 1 and Metroid Prime 2 then.

  10. All of the Jak & Daxter games on PS2 are really good, in my opinion. The second and third games have a somewhat different flavor than the first, but they're all enjoyable. I'd recommend playing them in order, just so you can get the most out of the storyline.

    Daxter is one of my most wanted PSP games right now. Some of the videos show a good amount of style and technique. Take Daxter's bug sprayer for example. If he's standing near a flame, he can squirt the bug spray through the flame towards an enemy and use it as a flamethrower. I've also seen a portion where he's jumping his way across several platforms, and as he jumps over the flaming areas underneath, he'll dispense some spray, which ignites and gives him some extra propulsion.
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