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Thread: 4Kids has Pokemon stolen from them

  1. 4Kids has Pokemon stolen from them

    Quote Originally Posted by Anime News Network
    As of January 1st, Pokemon USA will take over all aspects of Pokemon licensing from 4Kids. Since Pokemon USA was founded in 2001 licensing responsibilities were split between the two companies, but now all licensing will be handled by Pokemon USA.

    In addition, ANN has learned that 4Kids will not be producing or distributing the English language version of the next Pokemon TV series to be released in North America, Battle Frontier.

    No one from Pokemon USA was available to confirm how (or when) the next series will be produced and distributed.
    Who gives a flying fuck about Pokemon? 4Kids just got kicked in the cajones. This makes me all's giddy.

  2. Now we just need shonen jump usa to take all the rights to their shit and all will be right with the world.

  3. 4kids is an abomination. Nice to see them get what they deserve ^_^

  4. i hope they keep it more to the orginal.. nintendo now does translation lol...

    (Chao & Trial will be the only ones to get this joke)
    Say you like it/Say you need it/When you don't
    Looking better/Shining brighter/Than you do

  6. No way, I get it. Funny stuff!
    Well that's like, your opinion, man.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by OmniGear
    No way, I get it. Funny stuff!

  8. Quote Originally Posted by AnimeNewsNetwork
    Pokemon Voice Actors Replaced with Sound-Alikes (2006-03-27 20:26:59)
    According to several confirmed sources, the entire Pokemon voice cast is being replaced for the Tenth Anniversary Special and following seasons. "We who work on the show care very much about it and are heartbroken over the possibility of not continuing production," says Veronica Taylor, who has played Ash since 1998. "Unfortunately we have no say in what is going on. We are simply forced to wait for the outcome."
    I'm sure the kids will be very sad.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by ChaoofNee
    Who gives a flying fuck about Pokemon? 4Kids just got kicked in the cajones. This makes me all's giddy.
    If no one gives a "flying fuck" then how is it a "kick in the cajones?"
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  10. When I made that comment three months ago, I was merely conveying my opinion that the rights to Pokemon aren't as important to me as the fact that 4Kids will be losing money on this.


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