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Thread: Gunner's Heart - fan made Skygunner sequel

  1. Yeah, it's a damned nice looking fan game, and fairly fun as well. Thanks for posting it.

    But a sequel by no means.

  2. Double my bad.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Frogacuda
    Also, I think Dylan needs to learn the difference between "Sequel" and "fan game"
    Yeah, I saw this weeks ago, and got 3/4 of the way to creating a new thread about it until I actually read about it. Color me disappointed all over again.

  4. I'd <3 a Skygunner sequel even more if it came out for something like the 360 or PSP.

  5. That looks awesome.

  6. Faithful to the art at least. Wish they'd put out a true sequel tho :<

  7. A next gen sequal would be ideal.

    The only problem Sky Gunner had was the slowdown; the Ps2 just couldn't handle the scope and chaos of the battles. On PS3 though, who knows what they could pull off without slowdown.

  8. I second that notion; pretty darn good looking for a fan game.
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