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Thread: Under Defeat coming to Dreamcast

  1. Under Defeat coming to Dreamcast

    According to and Play Asia, GRev's gritty, old school heli shooter Under Defeat will see a DC release on March 23, 06. FWIW Seven Force from our shmup forums has spent a lot of time with the game and loves it. I am every bit as excited about this game as Senko No Ronde. (look in the middle of 12/29 front page for news story):

    Sega kündigt Under Defeat an

    29.12.05 - Sega gibt bekannt, dass der Shooter Under Defeat von Grev am 23.03.06 für Yen 6.090 (Euro 44 / USD 52) ausgeliefert wird. Das Spiel wurde bislang nur in der Arcade veröffentlicht. Im Set mit der Soundtrack CD kostet Under Defeat Yen 8.190 (Euro 59 / USD 69).

    For those who don't know, it is a vertical TATE aligned shooter similar in appearance to Zero Gunner 2 except instead of 360 turns, you tilt your 'copter at a slight angle. Looks quite nice and very hectic from the pics and video so far with lots of beautiful, gritty details, smoketrails, tank tracks, zooming fighters overhead, ect.:

    Watch this video now. Beautiful winter stage with falling snow, will make you weep with joy if like me you love the winter stage from Strikers 1:

    Fight over a forest/plateau area, small shades of Garegga here:

    Another video, nice fight over a naval/battleship stage:

    More vids/pics here at Sega's AM info site for the game:

    GRev's official site for the arcade game:

    Attractive yet angsty punk girl pilots!

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  2. I love anything G.Rev touches, so I just preordered.
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    built their castles and had their wars. I cannot stand by idly any longer." - Otogi 2

  3. Oh snap. Sold.

  4. I again emphasize to watch the videos too. They rock.

  5. This I am interested in.

  6. So this'll be released in just Japan and if I want it, I'll have to import it right?
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by Dylan1CC
    I again emphasize to watch the videos too. They rock.
    I don't know that I see anything wildly original going on in the videos, though it's clearly a compotent shooter. I'm going to get this based on the merits of Border Down, mostly, which is maybe one of the most underappreciated games ever.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by kbuchanan
    So this'll be released in just Japan and if I want it, I'll have to import it right?
    DC is pretty import friendly, so I'd rather see it there than, say, PS2. This is the same developer that was responsible for Border Down, right? If that's the case, I'm there.

  9. By "rock" i mean it looks intense and it is a gritty yet pretty Naomi title.

  10. This is wonderful, thank you G.Rev .

    I've wanted to play this game since seeing the stage three video where your heli heads into battle with a armada of tanks behind it and planes screaming overhead. *-neo


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