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Thread: 61 Games Lot Buy | PS2 XBOX Gamecube

  1. Arrow 61 Games Lot Buy | PS2 XBOX Gamecube

    Hi guys I thought I would start here before going to Ebay. I am selling my entire lot of games because I am going on tour with my band all year for this VH1 Surreal Life Season 6 thing we did. ( I just dont have time to play anymore which sucks. Anyway, all my games are 99.9% MINT CONDITION. My Ebay account name is sonicteam2004 so you can see I have 100% feedback and your dealing with an honest seller.

    Anyway, I am selling the entire lot all at once hopefully to a collector or someone that can use all these games. I need to purchase gear and clothes for the upcoming tour and I need $$$ fast.

    The only form of payment I accept is PAYPAL (

    Thanks so much and let me know if any of you are interested.

    Lot of 61 Games: $1150.00
    Shipping & Insurance: 50
    Total: $1200.00 o.b.o.

    MSN MESSENGER: Tommylandtheride
    YAHOO: Tommylandtheride101
    Skype Tommyland

    PS2 Mortal Combat Deception Double Disc
    PS2 Primal Demo Disc Unopened
    PS2 SSX Tricky
    PS2 Onimusha 2
    PS2 Tekken 4
    PS2 Star Wars Star Fighter
    PS2 Eye Toy PLAY
    PS2 Klonoa 2
    PS2 Time Crisis II
    PS2 Final Fantasy XI Online Double Disc
    PS2 Lord of the Rings Return of the King
    PS2 Hot Shots Golf Fore!
    PS2 Namco Museum (4 Games)
    PS2 Vampire Night
    PS2 Madden 2002
    PS2 Gungrave
    PS2 Devil May Cry
    PS2 Shadows of Memories
    PS2 Virtua Fighter 4
    PS2 Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec
    PS2 Frequency
    PS2 Xenosaga Episode I
    PS2 Hot Shots Golf 3
    PS2 Stretch Panic
    PS2 Metal Gear Solid II
    PS2 Sly Cooper
    PS2 Maximo
    PS2 Gods of War
    PS2 Wipeout Fusion
    PS2 Devil May Cry II
    PS2 Final Fantasy X-2
    PS2 Lord of the Rings The Third Age
    PS2 Fatal Frame
    PS2 Zone of Enders
    PS2 Mobile Light Force
    PS2 Kingdom Hearts
    PS2 Final Fantasy X
    PS2 Lego Star Wars
    PS2 Metal Gear Solid II
    PS2 NFL 2K3
    PS2 Contra Shattered Soldier

    XBOX Halo I
    XBOX Halo II
    XBOX Fable
    XBOX Dead or Alive Volley Ball
    XBOX Soul Calibur II
    XBOX Burnout III
    XBOX Jetset Radio Future
    XBOX Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic
    XBOX Panzer Dragoon Orta
    XBOX Madden 2004
    XBOX Dead or Alive III
    XBOX Rally Sport Challenge

    Dreamcast Import Cosmic Smash

    GameCube Star Wars Rouge Leader
    GameCube Pikman
    GameCube Zelda Windwaker
    Gamecube Metroid Prime
    Gamecube Animal Crossing
    Gamecube Waverace Blue Storm
    Gamecube Zelda Two Game Bonus Disc Ocarina and Master Quest

    Check out my band Posin on VH1's Surreal Life Season 6 Airing January 7th.

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  3. 99.9% mint! HOLY SHIT!
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  4. That means what? He breathed on them or something?
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  5. Sorry. Here is the correct URL for the picture
    Check out my band Posin on VH1's Surreal Life Season 6 Airing January 7th.

  6. expensive... Good luck selling though.
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  7. You'd probably be best to look at getting $500-$600 for the lot. Outside of Cosmic Smash most all those titles can be founds for $10-$15 used.

  8. plus the fact most people would probably have HALF of those games already & would just want a few from that collection...

  9. #9
    Eh. $20 a game isn't too bad a deal, but I'm sure that most people here have about half of the good ones. And who would want Madden 2002 and 2004?!

    Breaking this lot up into individual games would probably work better, especially on ebay.

  10. It's a bad deal, when most of those games wouldn't sell for $20 on their own.


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