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Thread: Tons of Toys 'R Us Stores are to be Closing!

  1. Tons of Toys 'R Us Stores are to be Closing!

    You have to sign in and all of that shit to get to the list.
    Basically, besides whatever $10 games are left, all game software is 10% off, guides are 20% off, and accessories are 30% off. Those count on sale items, too.

    I managed to grab Dynasty Warriors 5, Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles, and Soul Calibur II (Xbox, for TrialSword) for $9 each. Also used that opportunity to grab Animal Crossing DS 10% off for myself and my girlfriend.
    Hey, every little bit helps.

  2. I went there today and got Polarium and Driller Spirits DS for $9 each. If I had known that Crystal Chronicles was $9 I would have picked that up, guess i'll be doing that tomarrow.
    Barf! Barf! Barf!

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    I can never find anything decent at my TRU... woe is me.
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  4. Because I hate registration...

    Quote Originally Posted by wannabepunktony
    1/7 3AM EDIT: I am going to my TRU tomorrow to shop, as I bet many of the rest of you will too. Post what deals and stores you find and hopefully we can compile something worthwhile here. ^_^

    1/7 1PM EDIT: Trying to compile what stores we have confirmed are closing; also adding what seems to be the current sale. Since each store is bought by local liqudators, your discounts may be different and drop slower/faster, so YMMV on the discounts, for better or for worse.

    1/8 11PM EDIT: Looks like we are looking at about two weeks for the next drop, which should be to 30% - 50%. The time of the drop and the amount is up to each liqudator, so YMMV when it comes to it. But two weeks should be about right for all the stores. Store list updated, along with return policy. Forgot to ask about exchanges though, doh. >_<

    Current sale at (will drop to bigger discounts):

    10% off all games
    20% off all guides
    30% off all accessories

    I walked into work today for my paycheck and to price adjust some games, and one of the managers took me aside, gave me some paperwork and told me our TRU (Bellingham, WA) along with 72 others are being closed, effective tomorrow. Well, at least my store tomorrow, but I assume everyone else is in the same boat. The earliest they will actually close their doors is Feburary 27th, so there will be plenty of time to take advantage of the sale.

    According to the manager, everything will be clearanced for the closing sale starting tomorrow, and only a few things will not be part of that, being video game hardware. I asked about games and she said she didn't know. I don't know exactly what the clearance is going to start at, but I would say 30% (what the GT sale usually starts at) would be a good guess.

    If you bought anything from a closing TRU before today and you want to return, exchange, price adjust, whatever, you can still do so. But: everything bought from here on out CANNOT be returned. If they are like my store, they take a big black marker and cross out the UPC. They do this so you cannot return it to another TRU. I didn't get the whole speech, so exchanges may be okay, but no more returns, no more price adjustments.

    Also: all TRU coupons, sales, price drops, whatever are no longer valid at the closing stores, since they are not really TRUs anymore.

    I don't have a store list or a price list, but I am sure other people here can help fill in the blanks. ^_^

    Known stores closing:

    Phoenix, Camelback

    Colma, Daily City, Emeryville, Fairfield, Merced, Mira Mesa, Redding, San Francisco, Valejo

    Grand Junction

    Sarasota, Tampa (Dale Mabry)


    Sioux City

    Indianapolis, Michigan City

    Arlington Heights, Bourbonnais, Chicago (8900 S. Lafayette St.), Dorchester, Lansing, Michigan City

    West Kellogg



    Dorchester, Cambridge, Holyoke, Medford

    Towson, Wheaton

    Duluth, Woodbury

    Bridgeton (confirmed), Florissant (not confirmed), Hillcrest



    Commack, Freeport, Levittown

    Cincinnati, Columbus, Springfield


    Charleston, Columbia (Two Notch Road)

    Memphis, Nashville (Hickory Hollow Mall)

    Brownsville, Houston (Greenspoint), Victoria

    Hampton (already at 30%-50%), Tyson's Corner


    Fond du Lac (Geoffrey's)

    Thanks to everyone who is helping with the store/sale list!
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  5. the last store on the list is mine. I am soon to be unemployed. At least you guys can "profit" from it.
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by Wildkat
    Because I hate registration...
    I think it's fair in this case - they do it so that when members post about upcoming deals, other members have more of a first-crack at the deals than if they were posted directly on the homepage.
    WARNING: This post may contain violent and disturbing images.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by EvilMog
    the last store on the list is mine. I am soon to be unemployed. At least you guys can "profit" from it.
    I've been around here for too long, I can remember you posting about how that store converted into a Geoffrey's.

  8. OH:
    Cincinnati, Columbus, Springfield
    Hmmm.... There are four TRUs here in Columbus. I wonder if it's all of 'em?

    [edit] NM, went through the thread and found out it's the one on the west side of town (no suprise there). I'm going to check it out tomorrow since it's right next door to a Media Play was I going to hit anyway.
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  9. Stoped in today and didn't see much. Accesories were the only good deals at 30% off. Didn't get anything for myself but I did pick up the last 12 month live card they had for $35 for my buddy (I bought and used mine 2 weeks ago)
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  10. NY:
    Commack, Freeport, Levittown
    I just realized that the NY ones are all on Long Island. lolz and such.

    I forgot about you working for TRU, Mog. Sorry to see you get the shit end of the stick here. Is there no other retail store in the area that'll take you?


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