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Thread: <Game Title> is (going) out of print/has a low print run.

  1. Outrun C2C was definitely online only. I found a used copy at GS, they priced it as the original O2 by accident so I got it for $8. Scored!

  2. I only scored the Xbox version of C2C by getting it for review, otherwise, I'd have been out of luck since I've yet to see it in a b&m store.
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  3. Definitely not online only. I was just at Fry's and they had a bunch. Coast 2 Coast was $30, regular Outrun 2 was $20.

  4. *grumble*mutter*

    Betrayed by Best Buy and EB/Gamestop. We hates them!


  5. more misinformation from one of the Hardcore Gaming Magazine guys. When will it ever end?


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