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Thread: <Game Title> is (going) out of print/has a low print run.

  1. Handheld games are worth $$? Why is it nobody ever talks about rare Gameboy games?
    Well, rare doesn't necessarily mean they go for a lot, although just because they don't NOW doesn't mean they won't sometime.

    I mean, there was a time when nobody paid Gitaroo Man or Valkyrie Profile much mind, and then WHAM they were $80+ items. I could see a lot of GBA titles going that route.

  2. No one talks about GB because the collectors are very few.

    GB/GBC is the hardest system to collect for by far. Those who collect struggle due to availability (boxes and manuals especially) and prices. Bulk lots for GB go higher than any console system except current gen.

    There are some GB games you can't find anywhere. One person I know is offering $100 for a racing game... F1 Grand Prix or something, and there have been no takers because no one has it to sell, and no one has come forward saying they own it. He is down to under 20 games needed for GB as well.
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  3. The GBA Castlevania games were pretty rare and sought for, but now that the two best have been bundled that's all changed I suppose.
    Time for a change

  4. Quote Originally Posted by sleeveboy
    I think someone found a hidden warehouse full of unsold copies of Rhapsody or something. I found it last week used, and when I checked eBay I found like 50 copies up for bid.
    Atlus recently did a reprint of Rhapsody.

  5. Megaman Zero 2 goes for a lot of money. One ebay store is selling it for $99, but most have it ~$50

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Scourge
    Atlus recently did a reprint of Rhapsody.
    And Persona 2.
    As did Namco with Tales of Destiny II.

    I remember hearing on Digit Press that Valkyrie Profile and Suikoden II were getting reprinted as well. Apparently SCEA no longer collects royalties for PSOne games, so publishers are free to reprint their old games and make much more profit.

  7. That would be good news.

    Relating to OOP games, the Classic NES Series Super Mario Bros. for GBA is fetching about $30-60 now on eBay.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Yoshi
    Can any retail workers comment on the availability of Mario DDR? I have yet to see it in a store (I never looked when it was new). I am somewhat interested in a car accident kind of way.
    We had a steady stream of them, then one day... nothing. We no longer get any in stock, we were told to take the tag down for it, and we were also told not even Nintendo has it on their site anymore (I have not checked that for accuracy since I did not care). No idea why this is, but it's definitely gone in our area.
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  9. DDR:Mario Mix is currently on hiatus, as Nintendo put it. They had an overstock in the retail channel since its release and halted production until that sold.

    They will be going back to production in February. Hold off on paying any exorbiant prices until then.

  10. They had an overstock for about two weeks, and because of it screwed the holiday season entirely. It's like they don't want to make money hand-over-fist or something.

    I had people asking me for that game for a month and a half with not a copy to sell. I hate that crap, I'm not here to tell people "no".



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