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Thread: "Snaking" in Mario Kart DS, unfair?

  1. "Snaking" in Mario Kart DS, unfair?

    So a friend of mine has been complaining about people that use the "snaking" technique and I was curious what those of you who regularly play it think? Apparently it's a controversial skill that a percentage of Mario Kart DS users are against (according to the discussions on GameFAQs)?


  2. I don't snake and find that it completely ruins the online experience. That's just me.
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  3. Ive heard that term come up a few times now, and have yet to play online. But when I do I want to be able to spot it. So could one of you guys explain what it is?
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  4. Basically it's when you zig-zag back and forth, usually on straightaways.

  5. You can drift and get that turbo boost around corners, but snaking is using that technique during every single part of the race, so that you're turbo boosting on straightaways every 5 seconds.

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  7. I guess thats what I assumed it was.
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  8. No sir, I don't like it.

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  9. The whole power sliding mechanic in MKDS is just complete shit, imo. I genuinely tried like three different times to get into this game, and I just don't see what is so good about it. I loved Super Mario Kart and Super Circuit, but I just don't get the praise for this. Never tried Double Dash.

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  10. I try to do it only if I'm up against someone who is a good player and does it too.


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