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Thread: Anime and Game figures

  1. Anime and Game figures

    I don't imagine this thread being contributed to all that often, but for anyone who collects figures, or just finds them interesting, post.

    Since i was talking about it, Peto Peto-san Petoko and Konurichan-

    It's a kit, but dang it's a cute kit. Kotobukiya releases completed models often enough, so we'll probably get this in 6 months to a year after the kit release (May)

    Peto Peto-san 3D Design Figures

    I have no clue as to what the 3D Design Figure line is supposed to include, but there were some Ichigo Marshimallow figures a few months back. Cute stuff.
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  2. I think there was a Kujibiki Unbalance line of those 3D Design Figures, too.

    I think I'll buy a few blind-boxes of the new line of Panda-Z block figures soon:

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    I wish I could watch Peto Peto-san. I might consider picking those figures up.

  4. Holy shit, that Panda Z stuff looks awesome.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Chux
    Holy shit, that Panda Z stuff looks awesome.
    They are, I have a couple from the first series. As mentioned, though, they're blind-boxed, so getting the specific ones you want is a crap-shoot.

    I'll have to post a pic of my block figure collections (Kubricks, Bearbricks, Qees, etc.)sometime. On a case-by-case basis, sure, they don't compare well to fully articulated 8-inch action figures or what have you, but put together as a collection they really look nice. On the other hand, if you put a bunch of complicated figures in different poses next to each other, it just looks really chaotic and cluttered. I still have a ton of those, mind you, but it just looks horrid if you have too many out at once. The opposite is true for block figures.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Scourge
    I wish I could watch Peto Peto-san.
    try DC++ if u have enough stuff to share

    That first figure is really nice. I think this stuff is great, but I am waay too poor to actually consider buying any of it. I like when you guys post pictures of stuff though, lots of cool designs.

  7. Doods. Tell me where to find shit on DC++.

    I've got a kicking Comics source, but that's it.

  8. Chux, I need that hub.

    Yeah, that anime one would be nice, too.
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  9. had some Peto Peto. Really as long as you have at least 15 gb of stuff to share just search the public hubs for whatever you want

    Hey look!

  10. This Hellsing fig is hella sweet:

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