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Thread: Kiwis by Beat

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    I still can't believe I got to use Minus art on the Quarantines record.

  2. It's a good piece.

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    It's on my fridge
    Pete DeBoer's Tie
    There are no rules, only consequences.

  4. I just binged the shit out of some Minus.

    I want rezo to come back and awkwardly respond to my glowing adoration again. Also to make more Minus.

  5. was gonna say that I'd seen rezo doing things on twitter but I was thinking of rama (who seems to be working on Steven Universe now, neat).

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    I emailed rezo and never heard back </3

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Josh View Post
    I emailed rezo and never heard back </3
    Somebody has purchased
    At the moment its "Just another WordPress site" looks like they installed the software and stoped.
    BUT there's a chance this isn't a spammer...
    nothing to go off at the moment, one can only speculate

    But considering nobody can acquire kiwisbybeat until next year...
    Verry little to say but there a chance that he might be making a return there.
    whoever it is, wonder if they know the site has been mirrored
    ... sorta

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    While we are talking about disappearing artists let's all shake our heads at what happened with Pictures for Sad Children
    Pete DeBoer's Tie
    There are no rules, only consequences.

  9. I loved that comic.

    A fitting end for it, really.

  10. I think there was a torrent with all the comics, the FBI took down a few sites that hots that kinda thing like mega upload and rapid share just went bankrupt not long ago.

    I found a Cached version of a page
    That plus the torret would be enough to create a mirror with reasonably similar look and feel to the original site.

    I think it was the original artist who rebought the website and added this robots.txt
    User-agent: ia_archiver
    Disallow: /
    And some Pictures of clouds (for sad children)

    He had a meltdown and deleted everything, you occasionally see somebody complain to about some shit they posted ten years ago,
    but he just rebought the domain, unless its a troll who booked it under his name but an ongoing temper tantrum is a good explanation anyway.

    that's probably why we cant have a site dedicated to finding and sharing as many lost comics as possible,
    could probably post them on's "library" as its a separate thing to its "internet archive" i think somebody put salad fingers there even though that's always been available in its original places

    I dont think went offline for the same reason as there was no effort to remove or

    But we did find the address he registered that site with (according to WHOIS)on


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