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Thread: Kiwis by Beat

  1. Thanks. I'll be seeing them on Friday, and probably will go with strips 2,3,8,12,13,14 based on the comments here and from other people. There's also a possibility that I might just only bring minus strips in which case I'll be taking twelve and only excluding the ones I really don't like or maybe aren't drawn comparatively well.

  2. Forgot to mention. I saw two publishers last friday. Alternative Comics and Top Shelf Comics. The reviews went much better than I expected and I might have even gotten a deal of some kind maybe had minus been black and white and... not... drawn for an obsolete format. I'm supposed to keep in contact with them though. Chris Staros from Top Shelf gave me the idea of printing minus on newsprint myself and distributing it as a comics newspaper which is like the best idea ever so I'm going to look into how feasible it is when I get home. I am guessing it will be super feasible.

    that's it

  3. Awesome man... just awesome. Now get to work on a "living" format color comic sometime and start making money. I'll beat you if you don't. If I ever own a printing press someday I'm going to contact you about printing some of your comics out. I'll give you a huge insider discount as well.
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  4. I hope it's super feasible. You should've told them to send you a lot of money anyway.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Finch
    I hope it's super feasible. You should've told them to send you a lot of money anyway.

    Congratulations though, that's pretty exciting in itself. I'm glad some publishers are kind of smart.

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    BTW your comic is still awesome. Keep going! The current one is awesome, and the ant series was also fantastic in that each one was interesting and funny on its own, and then the coda ended it perfectly. I really admire the whole thing.

    Anyone can do brash humour, current events shit, etc. but this is something really special. I hope you manage to publish it in a print collection someday. I'd buy it.
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  7. Thanks. Though secretly I had more fun making my brash humor strips than I do making minus.

    I think that counts as brash anyways.

  8. I loved the life of Ben Stilson, that was one of my favorite things ever.

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    wow, you are awesome. i

    A ball of talent you are.
    I took all your French Toast.

  10. Thanks. That's the cover of an insert in some magazine in Georgia. The insert was titled "bites and sights". So I made them walk around looking at stuff while eating. A ball of clever I am.




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