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Thread: DS screen cleaning (underneath)

  1. DS screen cleaning (underneath)

    I have some small specks and hair/dust under the plastic of my upper DS screen and they are getting a bit distracting. Is there any good way to safely open the cover and clean it out without having to buy the screen replacer from

  2. without voiding any type of warrenty? no.

  3. Why would I care about a Nintendo warranty on a system I have owned over a year?

  4. If you peel off the stoppers on the top part of the DS, there are little screws. However, i wouldn't remove them unless you've got a good idea of how to keep the thing from falling apart. If i still had my broken DS, i'd figure it out for you, but even i'm not trying with a working one.

    I think you should just go ahead and order the new screen kit. It's $6 worth shipping and is a much better way of fixing the problem than running the risk of breaking your DS.

  5. Buy a new screencover from Nintendo. It comes with a kit for removing your existing screen. Though it doesn't sound like you really need a new screen necessarily, this is a cheap easy way to get rid of the dust, and it's endorsed by Nintendo.

    Find it here.

  6. OK, yeah $6 is nothing to sweat over so I will get that. Thnx guys.


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