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Thread: Total Crap Swap Meet Thread

  1. Quote Originally Posted by magnifiedplaid
    Dreamcast: (I would prefer to trade DC games for other DC games if possible. Thanks)

    Ecco the Dolphin
    Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2
    Don't really have anything I'm willing to trade for, but I'd give you ten plus shipping for these.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by plik
    does your ZOE include the MGS2 demo?
    I bought this game used, and it didn't have the demo. The game itself is in excellent condition though.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by shidoshi
    Isn't the purpose of "swap meets" to, you know, swap things?

    The rule should be anything posted to the thread can only be gained by trading for something else.
    Shouldn't that be up to the person whose games are in question?
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by Bacon McShig
    It's in great condition, hardly touched. Not a GH.

    I'll give you that + Xenosaga for $12 shipped (paypal only, pls).
    Deal. PM sent.

  5. Hmm, I've got some total crap to get rid of. I'm new here but just did a deal with Gooch and I've got the obligatory eBay feedback and some on Digital Press as well. Here's the stuff I want to dump. Keep in mind that I'm in Canada!

    Brute Force (Platinum Hits, new but opened, complete)
    Run Like Hell (mint, complete)
    Crimson Sea (mint, complete)
    Halo (GOTY Ed., mint complete)
    Mechassault 2: Lone Wolf LE (NM-Mint, complete)
    Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher's Bay (NM-Mint, complete)

    Lunar: Dragon Song (factory sealed)
    Super Mario 64 DS (mint, complete) (HOLD)
    Nanostray (mint, complete)
    Nintendogs: Daschund & Friends (factory sealed)

    Intelligent License (Jp, mint, complete..MIGHT want to keep this)
    Death Jr. (factory sealed)
    Ridge Racer (factory sealed)

    Wild Arms 2 (NM-Mint, complete)
    Echo Night (ex-rental, ok but scuffed up, complete)
    Herc's Adventures (VF, complete)

    Solar Jetman (complete)

    TMNT IV: Turtles in Time (loose) (HOLD)
    Last Battle (Super Famicom RPG, complete)

    Brutal Football (complete)
    Nick Faldos Championship Golf (complete)

    Honeybee Jp-US convertor (loose)
    Shining Force II (loose, torn label)
    Phantasy Star IV (boxed, no manual)
    MUSHA (complete, torn label)

    Space Quest IV CD-ROM version (disc, manual, and case only)
    Space Quest VI CD-ROM version (disc, manual, and case only)
    Sims Mega Deluxe (disc and case only)
    Grim Fandango (disc and sleeve only)

    Promo stuff:
    Metroid Prime bobblehead statue (HOLD)

    Non-gaming stuff:
    Marvel Comics Alpha Flight figures MOC (complete set)
    Marvel Electronic talking figures MOC (Hulk, Spidey, Magneto, Punisher, Wolverine, and Cyclops)
    Big stack of random CDs (can list if there's interest...classic rock, alternative, other...stuff)
    Small stack of weird/crappy DVDs (best one is a sealed Full Screen Hulk...ask for a list if interested)

    That's most of what I've got lying around...I'm sure there's more but I'm too lazy to look Here's some of what I'm looking for! I'm also looking for other interesting shmups, sci-fi/horror DVDs, arcade PCBs and game soundtracks that I might want!

    EVO: Search for Eden (box/manual)
    Pocky & Rocky 2 (box/manual)
    Pocky & Rocky (box/manual)

    Phantasy Star IV (manual only)
    Phantasy Star II (map only)

    Confidential Mission

    Devil World (Famicom, cart and manual)

    Star Soldier 64 (cart only)

    Breath of Fire (box/manual only)
    Breath of Fire II (complete)
    Lunar Legend (box/manual only)

    Zanac X Zanac (Jp)
    Panzer Bandit (Jp)

    Star Soldier (Jp)

    Kingdom Grand Prix (Jp)
    Battle Garrega (Jp)
    Hyper Duel (Jp)
    Prikura Daisakusen (Jp)
    Image Fight/X-Multiply (Jp)

    Bonk (Jp)
    Star Soldier (Jp)

    Jet Set Radio Future Sampler Soundtrack (US)
    Eternal Darkness GC soundtrack (US)
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  6. Here is what I have:

    Wario Ware Inc: Mega Party Games

    Feel the Magic XY/XX

    Tekken 3 (Japanese)
    Project Justice (Rival Schools) (Japanese)
    Rising Zan: The Samurai Gunman

    I would prefer trades but will take cash as well. I take Paypal.

  7. You can get a fair amount for Herc's Adventures on ebay, maxlords.

  8. Updated my list with a bunch of stuff I thought I'd already traded in.

  9. @ Compass: Thanks! I hadn't realized it Looks like about $20 a copy for decent ones! Still, if someone wants it, no biggie!

    @Bacon McShig: See anything on my list? I'd be interested in your GBA JGR and Pocky & Rocky

  10. Katamari Damacy, perfect condition.

    Interesting trades considered.
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