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Thread: Another dumb game sale

  1. News Another dumb game sale

    Alright I'm selling a bunch of games because I'm broke.

    All of these are complete and in conditions ranging from average to awesome.
    All prices include shipping

    PRICES DROPPED (on some items)


    Project Snowblind: $9
    Total Overdose: $15
    Farcry Instincts: $17
    Doom 3- LE: $17
    Serious Sam 1: $10
    Unreal 2: $5 (Yeah I know it's way too much)
    Buffy 1: $10
    Timesplitters 3: $18
    TRON 2.0: $10
    Shadow The Hedgehog: Just kidding
    Phantom Dust: $10
    PLAYSTATION 1 and 2

    Shin Megami Tensei 3: $37
    Vagrant Story(ORIGINAL): $20
    G-Darius: SOLD~!
    Arc The Lad Trilogy(Still has manual but the standees/analog covers are shot to hell): $30

    Rockman 8(no spine): $12
    Princess Crown(Re-release w/ spine): SOLD~!
    Kyokyokyou(ugh) Tiger 2 Plus(No spine): $18
    Devil Summoner 1(regular edition no spine): $5 (yeah it sucks)
    Skull Fang SS(w/ spine): $18
    Magical School Lunar(no spine): Free with purchase of anything(yeah it really sucks)
    Sonic R(JPN release w/ pine): $5 (Sonic Gems version is better)
    Mystaria: Realms of Lore(case is all kinds of beat up): $8

    Megaman X Collection: SOLD~!

    A bundle of dumb genesis games
    Ghostbusters, Heavy Nova, Mutant League Football, Super Baseball 2020, X-Men 1, Space Harrier 2, Quackshot, Cobra, Ghoul'sN Ghosts, and Strider.
    Take them all for $31 shipped.

    Nasty ugh Blockbuster bundle
    Matrix Revolutions, Kill Bill v2, The Hero, Matrix Reloaded, Collateral, Last Samurai.
    Take them all away for $13 shipped.

    Die Hard 1 SE: $10 shipped
    Reservoir Dogs SE: FREE with any purchase.
    More to be added

    I accept Paypal and Money Orders. Buy additional stuff and get a discount on shipping(whoo!)

    International orders are accepted but shipping will cost an extra $6.
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    What is the condition like on G-Darius? If it's closer to awesome than average, I'll take it.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Yoshi
    What is the condition like on G-Darius? If it's closer to awesome than average, I'll take it.
    Damnit! If he doesn't take it, I will.

  4. Meh Updated

    Yes G-Darius is closer to awesome condition. It'll look even better once I pull the stickers off of it..sorry.

  5. Hey are those Genesis games complete?

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    Sold. PM me your Pay Pal info please.

  7. I'll take Project Snowblind and Timesplitters 3.
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  8. how much you want for Ghouls n' Ghosts for the Genny? is it complete? what condition?

  9. Nash- The games are all complete and in pretty good condition.

    Sleeveboy- That'll be $27 total

    plik- I'm not quite interested in breaking that bundle up yet. Maybe after awhile.

    Whoops now I have to get rid of all these excess stickers.

    PMs are full up right now so you can reach my paypal address through:

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    Payment sent.


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