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Thread: NES emulator for cell phones

  1. NES emulator for cell phones

    And yeah, I know. Cell phone keypad death, blah blah blah. Just an FYI.

  2. Sony Ericsson support, plz.

  3. It's only a demo.

  4. you guys are so 2 years ago...

    NES and SNES emulators for symbian...

    ---I tried VNES(nes emu) on my nokia symbian and it runs 100% with speed and everything. I used to play it on the Nokia 6630 which had a great d pad. usually games that require 2 buttons are easy to play on the phone. also the emu gives you the option to change the resolution, sound, speed, snap pictures, ans save anywhere. I used to play SMB3 and it was great!

    ---VSUN is the SNES emu, i tried version 1.0 beta back in the days and it was slow, but i think they have corrected that problemn. you can also play in landscape mode. unfortunately landscape is useless because there are no buttons on the other side(on top of the screen)

    ---VBOY, which is a Gameboy emulator, works great too from what i have heard. (

    they all accept the regular roms.

    all of the above are for Symbian.

    I know they also have a JAVA(J2ME) NES emulator for java based phones(all phones have java nowaydas, including sony ericsson)

    hope that helped!

    and btw, if anyone got any questions on mobile, im the person to ask!

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