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Thread: The Ghosts 'N Goblins Series Tribute Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by nameless one
    Someone now needs to do a contra tribute.
    Johnny Undaunted did one here a long time ago.

    Quote Originally Posted by Roletroll
    The GNG for the SMS was better with the magic and armor, but obviously the graphics and sound suffered.
    I used to think this version was pointless to play since I already had it on Genesis but I have been playing it recently and the changes make it more strategic in some ways. The slowdown bugs me a bit but otherwise I quite like it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny Undaunted
    The Mobile Phone game shown there is obviously GnGhosts and not GnGoblins.
    Oops. I pasted it in the wrong spot.
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    I booted up Super GnG and the other two Gng on Capcom Classics Collection after reading this thread.

    I couldn't beat the first level.
    Quote Originally Posted by dakidski View Post
    prolapsed rectum 4 lyfe.

  3. Great Thread...

    GnG is my favorite series of all time, & it's not even close.

    The Genesis/Arcade game plays better than all the rest.

    In Ghouls' N Ghosts, the music, the flow of the levels, the ambience, and the gameplay are as close to video game perfection as I've encountered in a 2D side/scroller. I can play that game over & over, and not tire of it. That is a rarity for me...

    Also, the nostalgia factor is through the roof in this series, as GnG was the first game I bought for the Genesis bakc in February of 1990. I stayed up all night playing with my friend, and the game kicked our ass's something fierce that first night.

    The Saturn Capcom Generations game is a phenomenal upgrade from the Genesis version, and near perfect port of the arcade game. I love this version because the difficulity is higher, and the boss battles play out a little differently. (different patterns etc.) I'm glad I finally picked it up a few years ago.

    The SNES game has superior graphics & sound to it's Genesis cousin, and is longer, but the lack of the vertical shooting (up & down) and massive slowdowns really detracted from the overall game. I haven't met anyone who's liked the annoying raft/ocean level. I don't care for it, because you can't go at your own pace, but that's a minor issue.
    But still a very solid game, and the snow level (the music/graphics) is spectacular.

    The NES game was my albatross, until I finally finished it in the year 2000 after having given up on back in 1987 when I was a kid. Now I can finish it easily.

    I'm still trying to finish The Genesis game without dying once, the best i've done is three deaths. My friend and love to do the 2 player mode, to see who can finish it first.
    The Snes game is lacking the two player option for some reason. I hope the new UG&G has a two player option, but doubtful seeing as it's a handheld game.

    Thanks for the heads up on the master system version, for some reason i've never thought to even try it, as i always assumed it just a severely watered down version of the Genesis game. I may have to pick this version up, and dust off my master system converter.

    I also had no idea there were so many different versions of this game on various PC systems & such. Those primite graphics are very interesting to see.
    It's too bad that remake in 2000 got canned (it looks good), I remember ECM mentioning it in an issue of gamefan. He said there was a game waiting to be released, but guess it encountered legal hassles.

    *You left out the GnG mini game on SNKMOTM for the NGPC. It's a simple & fun little side game where you jump back & forth picking up treasures, avoiding the demons that bob up & down.

    One last thought...
    I've never undertand why this series wasn't held in higher regard. Like the Castlevania, & Mega Man games etc.

    I'm guessing many gamers are put off by the higher difficulty, especially in the original. It's a shame this series doesn't garner the attention I feel it deserves.

    Ultimate GnG looks off the charts. I showed three of my friends the trailer, and they all said the same thing I did. "Looks like I have to get a PsP now".
    Is there an adapter to play PsP games through the TV?? I don't like handhelds at all. But for this game, I'll be damned sure to make an exception.

    Thanks for the GnG appreciation thread, very well done...
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    Ghouls'N Ghosts=Greatest game known to mankind

  4. My cousin and I were playing Super G&G on CCC. We(I) managed to get past the boss, and then found out we had to do everything again. We both said "fuck that" and turned it off. I await Ultimate G&G.

  5. The Sinclair Spectrum 48k version was waaaaay better than the Commodore 64 version, disregarding the music.

  6. Great thread Neo, I think I'm gonna pick up Capcom Generation 2. Any differences between the PS and Saturn versions?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by warnpro
    Is there an adapter to play PsP games through the TV?? I don't like handhelds at all.
    There are two different ones that I know of. One is a permanent connection(PSP2TV) that I'm sure has superior quality and lets you use a PS2 controller and the other is an attachment that hooks to the face of the PSP and displays its image on the TV(Blaze). I've read mixed reviews on Blaze.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by NApOLm321
    I booted up Super GnG and the other two Gng on Capcom Classics Collection after reading this thread.

    I couldn't beat the first level.
    yeah i always get around to trying these games every so often but i really suck at them as well.

  9. I never enjoyed these 'classic' arcade games at all. The action seemed very random, unpredictable, slow and annoying; and you could only do those farty little jumps. Any home ports I played had the same problem.
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  10. I only played the NES version of Ghosts 'N Goblins, and couldn't get past the 3rd stage.


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