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Thread: When the Finchie comes around

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    I think the lion is looking at the drink skepticly and the monkey is saying "just drink it, it'll make you feel gooooood." in a creepy voice.

  2. He knows the baboon peed in it, because monkeys are gross and pee all over everything, and probably drink their pee because they eat their feces, so why not?

  3. I think lion got frog "in trouble" so they went to the baboon witch doctor who brewed up some moon tea and lion and frog are having a good hard think about the consequences of the road theyre about to travel. They love each other but the world is hard enough when youre not of mixed heritage. Baboon is drinking it like it is no big deal because all baboon witch doctors are funny in the head. Lion king taught us that.

  4. It's a mandrill.

  5. I bet it is.

  6. Related:

    (it's a mandrill)

  7. Listen, in your story you can have your madrills and monkeys and chimpanzees. This is MY story, and in MY story its a goddamn baboon.

    Its all rated e's fault. She said it was a baboon. Thats what i get for listening to a GIRL.

  8. I always thought mandrills were a type of baboon. If I cared about the beast I would have known better.

    Finch says it's a mandrill, but I think it's a baboon painted to look like one.

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    baboob, mandrill drag

  10. Second commission! Narwhals and mermaids were in the request, so an icemaid and her narwhal buddy exploring the depths of the Baffin Bay would fit! The icemaid's name is Naja and the narwhal's name is Nunatak.

    There aren't really any colossal squids in the Arctic THAT WE KNOW OF, but let's pretend this one made his way up and was frozen. THAT'S HOW HE GOT THERE

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