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Thread: Bacon's Sketchbook

  1. Kirby Bacon's Sketchbook

    When the computer freezes up at work and I don't have anything better to do, I'll whip out some tiny post-it notes (2 1/2" x 2") and do some quick pen sketches while waiting for it to close the offending programs. This happens a lot. So rather than just throw them out or tuck them away in a box never to be seen again, I thought I'd share the better ones.

    More to come. Staaaay tuned.
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  2. XD OH MY GAAAAAAAAWD. I love those Bacon, please post more... There needs to be a Bacon McMario Bros.

  3. >:| What's wrong with you people? Someone else must have awesomed themselves from sheer awesomeness that these little portraits radiate.

    Bacon, i had two friends that also draw that liked these a lot. Do you have more work on teh internet?

  4. I like them a lot. Peach looks just different enough to look like an original creation.

  5. Thanks guys.

    Finch: Nah, ain't had nothin' on the net in years. Hoping to fix that.

  6. Me neither, not since the early days of these boards.
    You think about putting stuff on Deviant? I've been doing that and it's had me all kinds of motivated.

  7. #7
    Wow, i was expecting some lame shit, but that's really good man. I especially like the cloud guy... his name escapes me at the moment.
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    prolapsed rectum 4 lyfe.

  8. I like how pissed-off Goombas always look, and you definitely emphasized it.

  9. Another batch.

    Top row: Classic monsters, done around Halloween. (l to r) Dracula, The Mummy, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, and Frankenstein.

    Bottom row: Misc videogame characters. (l to r) Ulala (Space Channel 5), CJ (GTA: San Andreas), Simon Belmont (Castlevania), Samus Aran (Metroid).
    Quote Originally Posted by napalm
    Wow, i was expecting some lame shit
    Psh, fuck you too, dude.

  10. Pure concentrated RAWESOME. I really love the Dracula and Frankenstein's monster.


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