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Thread: Anyone into Board Games?

  1. I hear Opaque's pretty good at Scene It.

    am i right?

  2. I only wish I had friends geeky enough to play games like some of these with me.
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  3. Tain and I play Scrabble. I've been plying that as long as I can remember with my father, though he doesn't hold much back anymore and tries to whip me by 200 points when possible. It's by far my favorite board game.

    As far as other stuff goes, I've only gotten back into Magic recently, and decided to only play with proxies/online/freefreefree. And that barely fits in this topic.

    Heroscape is cool looking, though.


    I have Games of the World, which if you can find it, will have you set for a while as far as classic games go. I also have Dread Pirate, and Stretch Run, which are both fun as well as nicely crafted collectables that you'll have around for a while.

  5. The only game worth playing:
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  7. i got into a game called quarto, its similar to basic tic tac to, but each piece has one of each 4 properties, color, height, shape, and solid or with a hole, and you have to match on any of those properties. the thing is, you dont pick your pieces, you pick your opponents pieces. after a little bit people get hyper sensitized to all the piece properties and you get alot of draws then, but its a fun game.
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  8. HeroScape is the coolest game ever made. Nobody around here plays it, which is a fucking shame because I have almost all the expansions + 2 master sets for giant setups. Everyone get the HeroScape master set and come to Connecticut.

    I love boardgames, card games, RPG's, it's getting harder and harder to get people interested in them the more prominent videogames become it seems.

    As far as card games, Chrononauts and Fluxx are fantastic. covers boardgames also

    Oh yeah, Trivial Pursuit 90's Edition is always a winner.

  9. SpoDaddy, you really have the largest signature ever.
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    I've played risk once, didn't finish, but it was fun.

    I'm always down for monopoly... but I seem to be the only one.
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