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Thread: Anyone into Board Games?

  1. I was interested in older stuff mainly because I'm more likely to catch that shit on sale. Looking at various distributors and discounts- like video games, it seems this shit can often be bought at retail cheaper than wholesale.

  2. Yeah you aren't going to beat Amazon's price on Gloomhaven. It is often $99 on there.
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  3. Some jerk on ebay had 10 of them for $85 a pop. 1 left when I clicked on it, gone when I hit add to cart.

  4. I was looking at one distributor, self-proclaimed to be the largest Board Game distributor in the states. At the level I'd be able to afford, I'd get a 40% discount. A box of Magic boosters would run me $85. I get them from Amazon for $92. What the frick.

  5. Don't touch Magic, you can't make money on it unless you do large scale including selling singles and honestly you don't want to deal with magic people.

    If you're looking to carry some games in store to test out the market in your area you're best off going with perennial favorites such as Catan, Carcassone, Ticket to Ride, Pandemic, and maybe Agricola for something heavier. Card games are also easier sellers since they're small and cheaper, Skull, Werewords, 6 nimmt, Saboteur, and Race for the Galaxy are all pretty great card games to sell. Some newer hotness games that may be of interest to videogamers are Root, Clank, Gloomhaven as mentioned above (though it's really expensive), Ethnos, Star Wars Rebellion, Star Wars Smugglers Run, and maybe Mansions of Madness. If you don't have a gaming store in your area you may be able to sell a few things but you have to be careful as it's not inventory that turns fast and it takes up a ton of space. Also check pricing on the main big boardgame sites, coolstuff inc and miniature market. You don't have to price as cheap as they do but they'll give you a better gauge on what you can ask, as you won't sell much at full retail MSRP. Amazon is plagued with counterfeiters and bad actors so avoid that mostly.

    Mostly I would just stick to bringing in a few things to see how they do and then expanding based on what gets interest. One thing that can help to is if you offer special order for anyone wanting something different. Offer something like 20% off MSRP which gets you close to the online game store pricing and you may get some people doing that as well. That way you don't have to have all of them sitting in stock hoping they sell.
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  6. Oh yeah, and Josh mentioned Codenames. Party games like that can be good sellers. Codenames is great and additionally Just One and Decrypto are two more I'd highly recommend carrying. They're cheap and fantastic.
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  7. Secret Hitler is good too. Sell that.
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  8. Picked up a couple of things. Is it common for the back of the boxes to be upside down, or sideways in comparison to the front of the box?

  9. Probably easier to flip over and read that way.

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