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Thread: Anyone into Board Games?

  1. Dreamcast Anyone into Board Games?

    Browsed and couldn't find a thread devoted to boardgames in general (</obligatory caveat to avoid wrath of trolls>), so...voila.

    I find my gaming time is becoming less dominated by impersonal, uncreative formats (see: videogames) and am more interested in games I can play with r/l friends for a few hours, sans controller-throwing (but still plenty of obscenity!).

    Part of this is from the fact some of my friends are developing a boardgame we've played informally for years. But I'm also sick of dropping tons of money on games I don't play that invariably frustrate me (even the greatest games don't provide enough creative satisfaction). Videogames measure twitch skills that must be developed over hours of practice. Looking at the leaderboards for Battlefield 2 on XBL, the top-ranked players have spent 500+ hours playing the game. I've spent 17 and I love the game. Not saying I need to be top-ranked but it's frustrating not being able to have a good time (getting owned by dominant players) b/c my sk1llz are lacking b/c I have little time to become an expert (this is what killed Counter-Strike for me).

    Boardgames don't seem to have this problem. No one is god-like and the design in most tends to favor superior planning/strategy, not reflexes.

    Anyways. What boardgames do you guys play, if any, and why?

  2. I played a few board games while I was over at my brother's, first time in a while. I still detest Risk, but Stratego (which I never played before) is amazing. Very deep game of observation, and it doesn't drag on. There's no luck involved, which is both bad and good I guess.

  3. Tain and I play Scrabble. I've been plying that as long as I can remember with my father, though he doesn't hold much back anymore and tries to whip me by 200 points when possible. It's by far my favorite board game.

    I also like backgammon and chess, but I don't play those on real boards anymore. More convenient in a digital format (but poo to Online Scrabble. Not nearly as fun),

  4. Yeah, I'd also be interested in hearing what indie/alternative board games are out there. Acquire seems to be really popular. I used to play a lot of Zombies!!! (looks like an RPG, but it's really more of a complex, expandable board game) but burnt out on it. That one can go on for 6+ hours.

    EDIT: Oh, shit! There's a new set out!

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    I play chess all the time. I'm always up for a game if someone wants to play. Only other games I play are Stratego and Scrabble.

  6. We used to get into epic rounds of drinking and Risk.

    Not a board game per se, but I love the hell out of the cardgame "Lunch Money".

  7. I used to play the living hell out of this:

    But I lost everything except the cards.

    Whenever I can get anyone to play this with me:

    I'm happy. But no one ever wants to.

  8. Dreamcast

    Quote Originally Posted by Sqoon
    Acquire seems to be really popular.
    Looks spicy. seems like a good resource. Never heard of most of this stuff.

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