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Thread: 1 gig Corsair ValueSelect SDRAM

  1. 1 gig Corsair ValueSelect SDRAM

    I upgraded my PC to 2 gigs of RAM and as such have one gig (2x512) to sell. DDR3200 RAM. It is currently sitting in an anti-static bag waiting to be sold. I only had this RAM in my system for 3 months. It is Corsair ValueSelect, CAS latency of 2.5. Totally rock-solid, good memory - nothing fancy but works well. Perfect for Athlon64 rigs.

    Asking $55 shipped. Model number VS1GBKIT400.

  2. Hmmm...I currently have 2x256 (512). I'm thinking of upgrading to 1GB (max is 2GB).

    Would it work on this?

    Computer Manufacturer
    Computer Model
    CPU Manufacturer
    CPU Family
    Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.26GHz
    CPU Speed
    2289 MHz
    Front-Side Bus Speed
    133 MHz

    And if I wanted to get a 1GB stick to my 3rd slot, I wouldnt have a problem?

  3. Good question.

    Im braindead on Intel processors.

    Ill get back to you.

  4. pc 3200 ram is 200fsb. pc 2100 is fsb 133. i wouldn't take 3200 rated sticks down that low personally and i question weather they would even let you downclock them that much.

  5. Sorry, right now I have a

    256MB Non-parity DDR PC2100
    256MB Non-parity DDR PC3200

    The info is coming from

  6. It should be okay then.

    I'd say buy the 2x512MB sticks and put them in slots 1 and 2, put your '256MB Non-parity DDR PC3200' stick in slot #3 if you want the extra .25GB, and sell off the '256MB Non-parity DDR PC2100.'

  7. I might do that then. Sooner or later, I'll just get buy a 1GB stick and replace the 256MB.

    diff, when do you need an answer by?

  8. No rush, next week is fine.

  9. Last call, this is going on eBay tonight.

  10. You accept paypal?


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