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Thread: Captain Eo

  1. Captain Eo

    lol. i remember seeing this when i was a kid in disneyland, too bad they dont have it anymore.. anyways.

  2. Ah old school jackson with his trademark whatever it is and wonderful choreography, where have you gone but into pedophilia and bankruptcy.

  3. as incredibly gay as that looked, I'd still like to see it. I mean cmon, it got the O.J and Judge Reinhold seal of approval

  4. lol at Mark Hamil. "It's the Next Star Wars!"

    I'd never heard of this. So it's a Michael Jackson video?in 3-D?

    I bet Francis Ford Coppola wanted to crawl under a rock and die after making this.

  5. Saw that at Disneyland back in 1991 I think. The 3D glasses were so cool.
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  6. Yeah it was in Epcot til like 93 or so. Wish I would have seen it.

  7. #7
    It's all over the internet. Look for like, 5 minutes and you can see it.

  8. Unfortunately my house does not =

  9. I saw this at Disney World back in the day.

    I remember it being bad ass.

  10. I saw Captain Eo at Disneyland years ago. It was pretty fucking cool, although I recall cracking up when I first heard MJ's girlish acting voice. What do you want, I was a little kid.

    Here's the full movie:

    Wow, I barely remember this, it's been so long. LOL at when MJ was turning the guys who looked like the Borg into 80's New Wave dancers.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jetman
    I'd never heard of this. So it's a Michael Jackson video?in 3-D?
    Yeah, it was in 3D. The theater was also rigged with some live-action special effects (explosions, sparks, shit like that) to enhance the experience. It wasn't as effective as Terminator 2: 3D now playing at Universal Studios, but it was cool for back in the day.
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