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Thread: 41 PS2 Games for $400

  1. Opa Walking 41 PS2 Games for $400

    Lot of 41 PS2 Games: $400.00
    Shipping & $430.00

    Paypal Accepted:
    Ships within 24 hours afte rpayment recieved

    MSN MESSENGER: Tommylandtheride
    YAHOO: Tommylandtheride101

    PS2 Mortal Combat Deception Double Disc
    PS2 Primal Demo Disc Unopened
    PS2 SSX Tricky
    PS2 Onimusha 2
    PS2 Tekken 4
    PS2 Star Wars Star Fighter
    PS2 Eye Toy PLAY
    PS2 Klonoa 2
    PS2 Time Crisis II
    PS2 Final Fantasy XI Online Double Disc
    PS2 Lord of the Rings Return of the King
    PS2 Hot Shots Golf Fore!
    PS2 Namco Museum (4 Games)
    PS2 Vampire Night
    PS2 Madden 2002
    PS2 Gungrave
    PS2 Devil May Cry
    PS2 Shadows of Memories
    PS2 Virtua Fighter 4
    PS2 Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec
    PS2 Frequency
    PS2 Xenosaga Episode I
    PS2 Hot Shots Golf 3
    PS2 Stretch Panic
    PS2 Metal Gear Solid II
    PS2 Sly Cooper
    PS2 Maximo
    PS2 Gods of War
    PS2 Wipeout Fusion
    PS2 Devil May Cry II
    PS2 Final Fantasy X-2
    PS2 Lord of the Rings The Third Age
    PS2 Fatal Frame
    PS2 Zone of Enders
    PS2 Mobile Light Force
    PS2 Kingdom Hearts
    PS2 Final Fantasy X
    PS2 Lego Star Wars
    PS2 Metal Gear Solid II
    PS2 NFL 2K3
    PS2 Contra Shattered Soldier
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  2. lol.

    PS2 Mortal Combat Deception Double Disc
    lol x2

    Oh, and Metal Gear Solid II is on the list twice. lol x3
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  3. He has the Primal Demo disc up there too.

    Cut it down to 200.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by shmuck
    PS2 Devil May Cry II

    Man, so many of those games are shitty or worthless.
    Also, Mobile Light Force was for the PSX, nub. 2 was for the PS2.

    ...or, let me rephrase that. The shitty GunBird localization/rapage was on the PSX. HANG IT UP SUCKA/Castle of S. was on PS2.
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  6. But difff, it's got STRETCH PANIC! How can u resist?

  7. You will be lucky to get $150 for this lot of junk.

  8. But he's got FF XI in there! That's so usefull to people without the HD.
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  9. i wil buy ur games pmme

  10. lol @ list.


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