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Thread: FS: NES Top Loader, PCFX games,GBA Action Replay, GG Adapter

  1. FS: NES Top Loader, PCFX games,GBA Action Replay, GG Adapter

    I was going through my systems recently and felt my poor NES top loader isn't getting enough love (I still use my old toaster NES to play my NES games) so I felt maybe someone else could give it more attention....

    What I have for sale/trade (Prices are very rough estimates. I'm open to different offers):

    Pic links are at the bottom.

    NES Top Loader - Mint, includes box, instructions, 1 dogbone controller and AC adapter - $100

    NES Game Genie Adapter for Top Loader - Special adapter needed to use Game Genie on Top loader. Mint, in original box - $40

    PC-FX: Queen of Queens - $20, Tenchi Muyo - $30, Tengai Makyo - $70, Anime Freak Vols. 1-3 - 1&2 $20, 3 $40

    GBA Platinum system - Mint, includes box, instructions, etc. $Offer

    GBA/DS Action Replay MAX - Complete, mint $25

    That's pretty much it. If you are interested in buying any one of the crap I have, just PM me with a decent offer.
    Pic of NES Top Loader

    Pic of PC-FX games and GG Adapter
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  2. How much for the top loader?

  3. how much for the top loader?
    PSN = knarlockk
    Steam= kevinb150

  4. I'll trade you Panzer Dragoon Orta for the top loader.

  5. I found an Xbox recently so all the stuff is just for sale now and I added rough prices for the stuff.

  6. I am intrested in the game genie adapter. I sent you a PM hope you got it.

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    Hmm this is old but do you have any of the PC-FX games left?


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