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Thread: FS/T: The Ultimate GameCube Package

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    Nintendo GameCube FS/T: The Ultimate GameCube Package

    I'm looking to either sell or trade my GameCube stuff. Here is what I have:

    Purple Japanese GameCube w/ NCS-performed region mod (CIB)
    Purple Japanese GameBoy Player (CIB)
    Gray Wave Bird
    Nintendo-brand component cables (CIB)
    GameCube/GameBoy Advance link cable
    Memory Card 65
    Memory Card 251

    All of the hardware must go as a package.

    I also have some games that I will let go with or without the hardware package:

    Animal Crossing w/ Memory Card (Player's Choice)
    F-Zero GX (Original)
    Luigi's Mansion (Original)
    Pikmin 2 (Sealed)
    Resident Evil (Original)
    Resident Evil Zero (Original)
    Resident Evil 4 (GameStop Limited Edition Tin)
    Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (Original)
    Star Fox Adventures (Original)
    Star Wars: Rogue Leader (Original)
    Star Wars: Rebel Strike Preview Disc
    Super Mario Sunshine (Original)
    Viewtiful Joe (Original)
    Viewtiful Joe 2 (Original)

    Check my wanted list for trades. I accept money orders or Pay Pal, including credit cards as well.
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  2. Your link to want list do not work

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    Thanks for the heads up. It should be fixed.

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    I remembered to add memory cards to the mix.

  5. Damnit I have Deep Fear for Saturn available for trade but it is in storage.... grrrr.

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    Wind Waker and Metroid Prime are gone.


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