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Thread: Final Fantasy XIII

  1. Final Fantasy XIII

    FFXII isn't even out yet and Square-Enix is already teasing us with this shit.

  2. Yeah, Star Ocean is a pretty cool series.

  3. If these aren't target renders, I <3 Cell processing power.
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  4. depicted character is male

  5. It's so shiny!

    I <3 Square.

  6. can't they change the character style up just a bit?

  7. The Bouncer 2?

  8. Looks slick.

    FF sucks, though.

  9. CMYK attack for the color scheme. glad cloud is making another appearance... female lead looks decent.

    middle shot looks like CG with a game interface photoshoped on. 4D here we come.
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  10. #10
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    depicted character is male
    No fucking way.

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