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Thread: Why SpoDaddy got banned

  1. Why SpoDaddy got banned

    It occured to me that members are no longer able to grant themselves Vet Board access, so I will repost here what I said in the following thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by me in the Vet Board
    Well, it looks like someone unbanned Spo before I even got here, but let me explain something:

    Spo didn't get banned for insulting an admin. He got banned for making an ad hominem, off-topic attack on a board member after receiving a warning just a few days prior (in the Deus Ex thread linked earlier). I almost banned him myself in the Deus Ex thread, but I like the guy personally and figured I'd let him off with a warning even though he really didn't deserve one. Kano originally banned Spo for a week (an appropriate sanction, given how long Spo has been here), but apparently someone had second thoughts.

    I'm not even going to get into the whole "mod corruption" issue. I've addressed it more times than I can even count. And correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't being corrupt imply some kind of remunerative compensation? Somebody at TNL owes me a lot of money.
    Kano is the person who actually banned Spo, so I welcome him to post his comments here.
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  2. I don't think anybody minded. I have nothing against SpoDaddy but he was flipping the fuck out in that thread.
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    I'd like an investigation into why he was reinstated personally. Where is Ken Star when you need him?

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    Or even Brenda Starr?

  5. corruption is not always a monetary reference.

    it can also refer to morality, or any other type of abuse of power. In that case the reward is self satisfaction.

    it could also be an allusion to the masses thinking something is corrupt, but in all actuality the presumed corruption is really ineptitude

  6. So wait, was he banned for a day and then reinstated? Why even bring it up?

  7. Does anyone remember the MMC shit from back in the day? Now THAT'S mod corruption.

    Things here are fine nowadays.
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  8. Yeah I remember the Mod Corruption. Even if I did not post here. I remember those days Dole. That's why I never posted here and I only have 762(?) posts. I tried my darnest to avoid this place. I would chat with everyone on GF tavern and only read what people said in here.

    Thanks for the info Sleeve. But I don't think what Spoo said in Dues Ex was that bad. Unless he really meant it.
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by Advocate
    I tried my darnest to avoid this place.
    Please try harder.
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  10. People drop random personal attacks on me all the time on TNL, why aren't they ever warned or banned? Kano dropped one on me earlier in that very thread (which prompted me to say he licked balls). As for the DiffX thread, I backed off when you warned me Sleeve out of respect for you. DiffX has entered roughly half the threads I've ever started talking shit about me.

    Perhaps we can set some rules of conduct so we're all clear on what kind of personal attacks are acceptable?


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