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  1. 8 Eyes

    This guy is from a game I use to play on the NES called 8 Eyes.

  2. The hand coming out from behind his cloak seems crippled or something, and the contour of the arm behind said cloak seems overly defined by shadow. That's all I can see that needs some fixing, otherwise it's a good looking piece.
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  3. lol in his defense, on the boxart, that hand looks crippled.

    But yeah, I like it, post more stuff. Kind of Reminds me (kind of in a very weak manner) of Falcor's stuff. (I think that's the guy's name, all the SNK art etc)

  4. That isn't Falcoon?

  5. Played this game yesterday. I never get tired of Kumei's music.
    Cutrus came out really good. I dig it.
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by Tain
    That isn't Falcoon?
    Yeah, seriously, what the fuck?
    Wait, what happened to Falcoon, now that you mention it?


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