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  1. TNL Comic/Manga Club:Invincible

    If you liked Robert Kirkman's "Walking Dead." and his take on the zombie genre, then you'll most likely enjoy his take on superheroes. it's just as fresh and exciting as Walking Dead, but also a lot more lighter and conscious of itself.
    What if.. your father was The superhero and you had to follow in his footsteps. That was the premise of Invincible. However it changes radically into one of the most interesting books out there right now. The link above leads to the amazon page for the first hardcover. The second hardcover

    Has a bit of a spoiler on it so be careul there.

  2. Great choice. Anytime I get to read a Robert Kirkman book = JAWESOME.
    Time for a change

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    Man. I was going to pick this when it was my turn.
    That said, this is indeed an awesome book. I just wish it and walking dead came as a regularly as Kirkman's Marvel titles. I think they're both way better than Marvel Zombies and Marvel team Up.

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    Kirkman's Marvel = not that great. He shakes stuff up, but it's never very interesting IMO.

    Walking Dead and what I've read of The Invincible have been awesome, though.
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    I would like to see an Allen the Alien spin off series.
    On the negative side of Invincible the JLA homage/rip-off thing has been done to death anymore. I just wish Kirkman would acknowledge super hero archetypes without ham fisting it. Like the movie Sky High had them in there but didn't go for the direct parallel. It's only in brief parts of the overall story so it's ok, just could have been handeled a little better IMO.

  6. I grabbed #1-27 from the usual places and really enjoyed it. My major problem was whenever they had an exact superhero parody (like the Superfriends) it really drew me out of whatever else was going on and seemed out of place, and that clashed even more when they started referencing and showing "actual" superheroes from other series.

    Other than that I really liked how they handled they characters, the design allowed for stereotyping without feeling overdone thanks to the humorous nature of it all. The way that groundwork gets laid for future happenings and how it unfolds gives the whole comic a very coherent feel even without an exact A->B storyline, something sorely lacking from many western comics thanks to switching writers and various interruptions. While not phenomenal I was nevertheless impressed and very much look forward to finding future issues.

  7. No shit, my brother just started getting into comics, since I kept talking about them around the house. The first one he picked up was Walking Dead, then he came into my room last night and started talking about Invincible.

  8. It's a damn fine book. I was impressed how he was able to find an unknown artist nearly as good as the original penciler. I really dig the European/Aeon Flux-style art. Haven't picked up a new issue in almost a year, though. I gotta catch up.

  9. I just read from Issue 1 to 31, great stuff. Good pick.


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