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Thread: Sega Master System

  1. I guess I was never really into game music when I was kid, because I never noticed how all the SMS games sound the same. That Submarine Attack game looks pretty cool, never heard of it before.

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    <3 Master System

    I bought a SMS2 back in the day when Kay Bee had them clearanced for $30, but the local game shop that had a huge pile of $7.00 games mysteriously sold them all right after I got it. For years I only had Shinobi, Rampage, and Double Dragon. I picked up a Master Gear converter a few years later, and a few more games for GG duty.

    A couple of years back sweet, sweet Nomi sent me an original Master System for free, and I bought a shitload of games for it, playing them in wonderful RGB. Glorious!
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