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Thread: Sega Master System

  1. Sakimoto did WB III's music? Same Sakimoto as did Radiant Silvergun's soundtrack?

    Mario spoof level in Alex Kidd Shinobi? Where can I see pics of that?

    How could I forget Fantasy Zone and Penguin land? Own both FZ I and II, love 'em. I wish I had bought the rented copy of Penguin Land many years ago when I had the chance.

  2. I just saw Kung-Fu Kid. Holy shit did I love that game! That dragon mural was really cool back in the day, and I must have spent 48 hours straight playing after my dad bought the game for me.

  3. I love my SMS.. and i must say i thought Phantasy Star was the best 8-bit generation game.

    also, FUCK YOU Lord of the Sword!!!! i think that is the only SMS game i bought and didn't play all the way through... got to the last boss once.. and quit playing after i died.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by Dylan1CC
    Sakimoto did WB III's music? Same Sakimoto as did Radiant Silvergun's soundtrack?
    I think he meant SakAmoto (as in Shin'ichi Sakamoto).

    Nice to see an SMS thread that discusses non-US releases (they're still making SMS consoles in Brazil, BTW).

    My thoughts:

    Deep Duck Trouble
    Most gorgeous game on the SMS

    Ninja Gaiden
    The production quality isn't as high as the NES games, but SIMS may have actually improved on the gameplay a smidgen (just a smidgen).

    Special Criminal Investigation
    Quality port of the Chase HQ sequel, courtesy of Natsume

    Best beat-em-up on the SMS and the best version of Renegade anywhere. Port also done by Natsume.

    One of the best platformers on the SMS

    Yet another port outsourced to Natsume. Really pushes the system.

    Assault City
    A light phaser game from Sanritsu worth checking out (make sure it's the Phaser version, not the Control Pad version)

    Batman Returns
    Very underrated, but one of my favorite SMS platformers. Better than the GG version.

    The Cyber Shinobi
    People hate it, I like it

    Ghouls'n Ghosts
    G'nG with a twist (upgrading weapons and armor)

    The Lucky Dime Caper
    Fun Donald Duck platformer, prequel to Deep Duck Trouble, but lacks personality

    Ashura/Rambo/Secret Commando
    Better than Commando. Better than Ikari Warriors.

    Reggie Jackson Baseball
    One of the best baseball games of the era

    Sonic 1
    The only SMS/GG Sonic I really like. From Ancient.

    Wimbledon II
    Best SMS tennis game. From SIMS.

    Buggy Run
    Best SMS racer, behind, maybe, Micro Machines. From SIMS.

    Space Gun
    Solid port of the Taito gun game

    Psychic World
    Nice port of an MSX computer platformer. From Sanritsu.

    Psycho Fox
    The more I play, the more I like. VIC Tokai managed to milk this gameplay quite a bit.

    Air Rescue
    Loosely based on the Sega arcade game. A fine "spiritual successor" to Choplifter. From SIMS.
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  5. My friend gave me a Master System, now all i need are games. I see what to get, but i have no idea other than ebay to get them. where would you look?

  6. People should offend Neozeed more often if this is what happens. A thread like this has been long overdue

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Daitokuji
    My friend gave me a Master System, now all i need are games. I see what to get, but i have no idea other than ebay to get them. where would you look?
    If you're looking for non-US stuff, eBay's about your only choice.

  8. I remember fondly when Astro Warrior and Hang-On where the only games I had available to play.
    And I played them, and played them, and played them, and...

    ah, those were the days.
    Then an older brother of a friend down the street gave me Phantasy Star to see if I could complete it (they'd given up). The whole RPG thing seemed really simple and dumb at first - boy did I not know what I was getting into!
    No game experience will ever equal my obsession with completing Phantasy Star.

  9. I was one of three kids in my town that had a Master System instead of Nintendo, and unlike most people, I WANTED it. In fact, I was forced to get one after being caught in a lie. Read on if you like.

    I went to a private school. 95% rich kids, 5% poor kids whose parents struggled and worked all hours in order to give their kid a decent education. I was a 5%er.
    Anyhow, all the kids would talk about was nintendo. They'd trade games around and all that jazz. When asked why I didn't bring games, instead of admitting that I couldn't afford to dream of owning a nintendo I lied and said I had a Master System.
    It was all good til I had a sleepover with a few friends and had no Master System to show off.
    So I begged and begged, and got one for Christmas. My mom actually took me when she got it so that I could pick out a game to go with it.
    I was so excited that morning, i could hardly wait to hook it up. I couldn't wait to play Thunderblade!
    So, we get it all hook up, I plug in the cartridge, turn it on, and...nothing.
    Apparently the Ac adapter was shot.
    So i had to wait till the next day when we took the system back and got a replacement.
    I played Thunderblade constantly and though I got to the last stage, never did beat it.

    Other games that I played and loved to death were as follows:
    Hang On (I played that one day for 6 hours straight, just kept on going. I can't stand playing to for five minutes these days)
    Phantasy Star
    Enduro Racer
    Alex Kidd (miracle world and High Tech world-which was the one and only time I ever called a tip line. how the hell were you supposed to know to pray one hundred times)
    Penguin Land
    Psycho Fox (would spend hours sending the bird all over the screen trying to find warps)
    and so many more.

    Fuck the haters, the SMS was a great system that if it were on a level playing field with the NES could have easily matched it's base, if not overtake it.
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  10. Good thread.

    I'm gonna have to recommend Spellcaster, I'm suprised no one else mentioned it (unless I missed it, apologies). It's the precursor to Mystic Defender on Genesis IIRC. And I'll also recommend Rambo: First Blood Part 2 for fans of overhead Ikari Warriors type games.

    I burned myself out on quite a few of these games long ago. I could wig out on Wonder Boy in Monster Land for weeks. I liked the upgraded graphics this system was able to produce later in it's life, for instance some probably disagree but I always thought Afterburner was a great port graphically.

    Also, I always get confused with that Golden Axe Warrior game....wasn't there a single player Golden Axe port developed for the SMS where you could play only as the Warrior character? But other than that it was a straight port of Golden Axe?
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