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Thread: Dragon Quest Monsters Joker [DS]

  1. Dragon Quest Monsters Joker [DS]

    Looks pretty amazing. I'm really looking forward to Rocket Slime moreso, but this looks really good.
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  2. That's DS? From what I can tell from those scans the screens look a little too colorful and clear to be a DS game. If it really is I'm impressed.

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    They're from the DS Lite II Turbo, which will be announced at the TGS.

  4. might be psp? dont they usually show both screens when they preview a ds game?
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  5. Nope, that's DS. I don't know why people are surprised, it's already shown that it handles celshaded graphics extremely well.

  6. Wow that's damn impressive, so I'll be getting two new games to get my dragon quest fix. I've died and gone to fanboy heaven.

  7. i wish the gba dq monsters came over. this looks nice. anyone here familiar with the previous games that came out?

    also, the other games in this series ('cept part 2 i think...) seem to star an existing dq character when they were younger. so, is this a new character or one we're familiar with at a younger age? i was thinking maybe angelo from dq8 but....he was a sad sad orphan when he was younger. then i thought about the whole "joker" sub-title and thought of doulmagus. but...that my be stretching it too far. it'd be interesting if it was him, though.
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  8. Only played the original DQM on GBC. It was good for the time.
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  9. Bumpity Bump bump.

    So I picked this up on an impulse buy when I couldn't find a Lost Planet Zboz system, and ended up playing it for 8 hours straight on the train.

    I've never actually played any of the DQ Monsters games, nor Pokemon or anything else like it, but man am I hooked on this one. It's damned gorgeous for a DS game, and a hell of a lot of fun.

    Anyone else pick this up?

  10. Is there any official news about this or DQ Yangus coming out in the americas?


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