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Thread: Stadium Events NES

  1. Stadium Events NES

    Dont know how many of you are NES collectors or even know that much about NES history, but heres a quick rundown of the scarcest title officially released for the system. (Myriad was not official but is the rarest title for the system)

    Stadium Events was rumored to be initially released only at Woolworth's department stores in the Northern region of the US as a test market for Bandai. It was released in conjunction with the Family Fun Fitness pad (Family Trainer in Japan)

    The PAL European version of SE is not rare at all and can be easily confused for the US version to the untrained eye

    (aussie pad shown)

    Nintendo liked the product and they purchased the rights from Bandai and revamped the concept into the Power Pad that you all know and love.

    The Stadium Events game itsself was also transformed into World Class Track Meet which is the exact same game with only a new Title Screen and a new label

    Bandai's test run did not see any further expansion or printings, and the unsold stock of games and mats were recalled from Woolworth's and assumed destroyed.

    This left only the few copies that had actually sold in retail to be left in existance. For this reason the Stadium Events game is the most coveted released title for any NES collector.

    Today, there are less than 10 known complete NTSC copies (cart,box,manual) in collectors hands. That number includes sealed copies.
    (I am lucky enough to own a complete copy myself)

    The cart has risen steadily in value yearly, and loose carts are now commending up to $800 dollars. The last complete copy available (2003-2004) sold for $1800, the Current complete copy for sale is already well beyond that (see url below)

    The only known sealed copy is currently on Ebay. This collector purchased the game off of ebay 3-4 years ago for 800 dollars. I almost bought it ,and I was one of the losing bidders of the original auction. Now I regret not forking over the cash.

    I realize most people would never pay this much for a game, this thread is just meant to be informative.
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  2. $2600 and going up.... Collectors make me laugh.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by kingoffighters
    $2600 and going up.... Collectors make me laugh.
    If you have the money who cares... fuck it.

    Did you guys hear about how some guy went to a garage sale in the Hamptons and picked up a collection of super-rare NES and SNES products, lots of unreleased stuff, StarFox competition carts, etc., for $40?

  4. I know, if you got the cash. Still, it is pretty crazy to pay that kind of $$ for a game. But I am curious how many of those bidders are hoping to buy it and then resell it later at an even crazier $$.

  5. Yeah, that is one lucky guy. Apparently the person he bought the stuff from used to work for Nintendo and would setup their booths and such.

    The find included:

    Zelda Link to the Past SNES Prototype
    Earthbound NES version Prototype
    Tetris Prototype
    and best of all a Nintendo World Championships Prototype (which he sold for 2200 supposedly)

    Here are the guys pix:

    Quote Originally Posted by kingoffighters
    I know, if you got the cash. Still, it is pretty crazy to pay that kind of $$ for a game. But I am curious how many of those bidders are hoping to buy it and then resell it later at an even crazier $$.

    Most collectors just want a complete set of the entire library of the system.

    There are several people collecting a fully sealed NES set, and this auction is really the only way they will ever meet that goal. Its really a once in a lifetime opportunity.

    Some educated guesses from other collectors have put this auction ending 3500-4000 range

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    I'm not into paying big money for collector's items but stuff like this and the NWC NES cartridges fascinate me. I didn't know only Woolworth's carried US Stadium Events. I'm also curious how rare and expensive the Foot Craz pad for the 2600 is. It's like the predecessor to these NES ones.

  7. That was some cool always surprised how much this kind of stuff interests me
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  8. I remember years ago at a Woolworths in the Mpls area seeing one of these games behind the shelf. I was a young kid at the time and didn't really have an interest in those games.. Wow.
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    My old daycare lady had one of the regular NES pads along with the game where you either skateboarded down a street, or ran an obstacle course in like a summer camp. I must have been 5 or 6 at the time, so I had a blast playing both, but I bet both of those games suck by today's standards.
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  10. In a little over a year, NES collecting has exploded in popularity and items have skyrocketed in value. Daily Im personally amazed at the sudden increases.

    Stadium Events remains the most sought after officially released to market title still with very few cart only copies in circulation. There are still less than 10 CIB known including the copy in the link below

    An SE Cart only has increased to an average sale of 1400 this year in the few sales that have arisen. Thats up from 800 last year

    Also this year we have the following auction:

    This is only the 2nd complete copy on the market in 4 years, Its at 4k now but will probably end much higher, especially being offered around xmas season and having many new collectors that need only this single game for a complete set

    in the years to come unless a hidden cache of new mint copies turns up , expect this title and the NWC 1990 carts to possibly be the action comics and superman #1s of the video game industry

    Cool Fact: There is one other board member board here at TNL (besides myself) that owns a complete NTSC copy like the one in the auction.
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