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Thread: Yoshi's Dino-Sized Summer Sale

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    yeah, Yoshi's prices are really the most sensible we've seen recently in TNL sale threads. I'm interested in replacing the '64 click_stick stole, so if you feel like waiting a week for my paycheck you could put it on hold.
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  2. I'll take Star Wars Arcade for 32X.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shin Johnpv
    sounds great let me know which works best for you paypal or money order drop me a PM with the info and I'll get payment your way

    Sleeve, Cow, and Melf, your stuff is on hold. I'll PM you totals as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yoshi
    Yeah, in fact I just bought it from Vasteel recently, but I've beaten the hell out of it.
    How'd you like it? TNL is passing Bonk around like a $10 whore.

    PM on Deus Ex.
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    Bonk was good, but you were right about no seeing the Game Over screen.

  6. Alright Yoshi, how about tomorrow (tuesday actually) afternoon, say 12ish to 1ish?

    check your pm's.
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    Got your PM and replied.

    I've had questions about the arcade sticks, so these are them in their full, shitty phone picture glory:

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  8. interested in that Saturn system, could you take a pic? any damage to it? which version is it?

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    It's the original US version with the oval buttons. There is no damage to it.

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  10. Thanks Yoshi, the system works fine and the games are nice and clean.
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