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Thread: What are the symptoms of an overheated CPU

  1. What are the symptoms of an overheated CPU

    Ever since the summer started my PC has been acting very funny. Some programs will open but there was nothing within the window borders, multimedia starts to skip (it's like an annoying stutter), and my start menu's all program won't even come out completely and portions of it are blacked out.

    Once I restart my computer it's fine but it happens every few hours and it's starting to annoy me. So do any of you know if this is an overheating problem? My room is pretty hot since I have no fan/AC and my door is always closed.

    Someone please help.

  2. Get a program to read the temps first, and post them. Google for Speedfan or something similiar.

  3. HDD1: 41 C
    HDD2: 46 C

  4. There's no cpu temp listed? If it's not just there I don't know how to put it there. Maybe Burky knows.

  5. All it shows me is the heat of the hard drives. Even that they're about over 100 F. That's pretty fucking hot but I don't know if that's normal.

  6. Check your bios for a CPU temp.

    As far as I know, overheating usually results in straight-up crashing...

  7. Nah that's not too hot. My system temp is currently 43C, the processor (Athlon64) is 28C. Intels will run higher. What processor do you have?

    I forgot temps are usually in the bios too. Do what Tain said

  8. I have a P4. This may also seem noobish but how do I get to system bios?

  9. F2 on bootup.
    Well that's like, your opinion, man.

  10. Did that and still didn't tell me a temp. All it told me was the general stuff I already knew.


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