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Thread: Draw Something, Dammit

  1. Do you have a portfolio site up, arjue? Your work is really interesting.

  2. thanks. Nah, i don't have one yet, I might make one later, though i don't have much art or a scanner lol

  3. Considering you have a hand issue I'm blown away by your stuff (even without it, really). That last picture is really creative too. The art gallery community up here goes bonkers for shit like that.
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  4. Here's a camera, the elipsises are all wonky, but I'm still figuring that out.
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  5. I suck at perspectives. That camera is pretty impressive, same with the vehicles. Good job!

  6. I assume you've been to Scott Robertson's site?

    Use this method for doing ellipses...

    Make a square in perspective. So in 2 point you'll have your two given vertical lines, and two that vanish to one point. "cut" the square from corner to corner so you have an "x" (in perspective). Then cut it again vertically, crossing the center of the x, and once more horizontally (in perspective) crossing the center of the x. Now just connect the points to make your ellipse.

  7. ehhhh, when I finished these sketches and doodles in class, I was all proud of myself, but then I came into this thread and all of you guys rained on my parade.

    In any case, here they are.

  8. I really like those, Frito. Show more.

  9. Thanks, man. Here's a cleaner version of the second pic. I just kinda went through and organized things using MS Paint.

    I'll try to post some more stuff over the weekend.

  10. Keep the original placement! It's part of the charm!


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