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Thread: TurboGrafx-16

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Yoshi
    As opposed to the asshole intellectual property thief market, right?

    This and the SMS thread have really surprised me as far as just how ignorant TNL is of the even slightly off-the-beaten path platforms. You guys have no business calling yourselves gamers.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by kingoffighters
    No, I'de say that was spot on.

  3. Man I can't believe you left out bloody wolf, that game was fun with 2 players. I also enjoyed Keith Courage, too bad it never got a sequel. I still have my TG-16, I might have to hook it up and play it, I also own the magic engine, I just need to track down some of the duo cd games to play on the comp. I think you skipped another duo cd game which had some anime style graphics, I just can't remember the name. It was featured heavily on them Turbo Graphx 16 promo vids

  4. Some of the add-ons available for the TG-16 were:

    -Turbo Booster
    -Turbo Booster Plus

    The Turbo Booster was simply a stereo A/V module that allowed you to use generic cables for stereo sound and composite video. The Plus module also held save states but was more expensive. The only other way to save games was if you had the Turbo CD player.
    -Turbo Tap
    Multitap device, standard for most consoles.
    -Turbo Stick
    NEC designed stick. Looks nice and reminds me of the NES Advantage. Never used it though.

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  5. It could have used a better choice of pack-in for the USA. Not that I have anything against Keith Courage, but surely an arcade title like 1943 Kai, Sidearms, or R-Type as a pack-in would've grabbed more attention.

    The US boxarts are hideous with some exceptions- notably Space Harrier, Cadash, and Parasol Stars (or any other Working Designs game for that matter). R-Type's looks like they just had the janitor draw something based on screen shots from the game. Ugh.

    Quote Originally Posted by Yoshi
    That's like saying that you won't eat filet because you've eaten newer hamburgers. Today's shumps are 90% trash. Thank Gradius V for keeping it that low.
    Ninety percent is a tad off. I think you're including Cave shooters in that number? Cave's games and G.Rev's Border Down & Under Defeat are not trash, IMO.

    I'll lower the trash percentage to about 20- this would include Airgrave on PS1, and clusterfucked ports of good shmups (Saturn Gekirindan and Layer Section II, PS1 Soukyugurentai, PS1 Shienryu). For current gen trash, there is Silpheed: The Lost Planet.

    I do actually prefer the Genesis Thunder Force IV over V on the Saturn- TFV seems a bit slower paced. I'll say that Blazing Lazers is one of the best you'll find on any system, if you jack up the difficulty to the Hard Human setting (default "Normal Dog" is a bit too easy and damned near puts me to sleep). Try "God of Game" if you can handle it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rtificial
    I also enjoyed Keith Courage, too bad it never got a sequel.
    It did, actually, on the Supergrafx. I can't remember what it's called.
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  7. I fucking love the Turbografx/Duo. It is easily one of my favorite systems ever. I still have both to this day. I need to hook them up again soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vasteel
    It did, actually, on the Supergrafx. I can't remember what it's called.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yoshi
    Thank you.
    Just curious, do you have a multitap?
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  10. So, are most if any of these games going to be on Wii's Virtual Console? They all look pretty darn good and it's a shame I missed out in the system's heyday.


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