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Thread: $312 (shipped) Premium Xbox 360

  1. Xbox 360 II $312 (shipped) Premium Xbox 360

    I'm lazy so I'm just linking to NeoGAF. Brand new from
    WARNING: This post may contain violent and disturbing images.

  2. Tempted, but just dumped some cash into car repairs so not even considering!

  3. How can you be tempted and not even consider it at the same time?

  4. Same, I want one but I have other obligations.

  5. I might get one if there was anything I really wanted outside of Oblivion. They ever going to fix the backwards compatibility on PDO?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Joust Williams
    How can you be tempted and not even consider it at the same time?
    I'm a professional writer, don't question me. (Should've been, "I would be tempted, but...")

  7. I got one of these.. Awesome deal.
    MK2 on XBLA plz - let the unfolding of gameplay begin!!

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    200 or bust.
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  9. too bad this isn't 1 month from now :[

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    I'm afraid I'm with the majority in this thread. That's an awesome deal, but $312 is a lot to blow on a game system that I have no real desire in owning.
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