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Thread: Paprika

  1. Whoa Paprika

    A trailer is finally out for the new Satoshi Kon movie(Perfect blue, Millienum Actress, Tokyo Godfathers). This time around the movie is being based on a Sci Fi novel by Yasutaka Tsutsui.

    Teaser Trailer

    The trailer looks pretty damn good, plus freaky. I think this one might just top his WTF? spooky factor thats in most of his thrillers. We still have a good bit of a wait till this comes out, but this is probably my most anticipated Kon film yet.

  2. <3 Madhouse

    I look forward to this.

  3. Looks freaky, and I <3 Satoshi Kon, so I can't wait to see this.

  4. Itunes website has a new HIGH quality trailer and I be god damned if it don't reduce me to tears. This looks so good I can hardly wait for this to come out.

    Check it out

  5. This looks really good, and I haven't gotten excited about an anime in a while.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by ChaoofNee View Post
    New Satoshi Kon movie? why have I not heard of this earlier?
    You missed the boat? There has been news about this title for over a year now. It should be getting a limited U.S. theater release. Hopefully to a theater close enough where I can drive to. I can't wait to go see it.

  7. So damn.

    This looks incredible.

  8. Comes out the day after my birthday, so at least I can stop wondering about my plans for that weekend.

  9. if anyone forgot, this opened in nyc a few days ago. excellent, excellent. the parade, i'd watch it forever. i loved it. Satoshi Kon's films only get better and better.


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